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When the robots take over and finally organize humans to produce useful things -
do you plan on rebelling against them or going along with it?


Good Answer AwardI'm ALL for it. All hail our robot masters. And I'm not just saying this because I love Bender with all my heart and have pledged to do his bidding - I'm saying it because I FEEL it. - Politely Dangerous

go along with it-CaptMerengie

I'll end up rallying together a rag-tag rebellion of fellow human slaves. We'll fashion weapons from work tools and attack out captivators. It will be all glorious and such for a minute or two, until our little outbreak is quickly silenced by their deadly eye-lasers.-Me

I shall rebel! I'll have myself a following of course and together we shall restore the righteousness of all squishy meat bags! *play victory music here*

I'll be dead by then or humans will be gone by then. The planet and the people suck so who the hell cares.- Face without a name

Very funny, humans can't be organized-Loser

Hell, Itd be a better life then we have now! Go along with it.-InfernoSlam

Good Answer AwardDepends on the definition of USEFUL. If it's stuff that's actually useful for us, then we may as well just go with it. If it's some stupid shit like a gigantic ray gun to blow up the sun...bring on the flamethrowers.-Arthur, King of the Britons

I will be the person that helped the robots get in the position to take over!!!-Slick Willy


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