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What if you found out that EVERYTHING around you is controlled by a drunken alien playing a video game?


Good Answer AwardI would hope for more moments where they would sober up to do the money cheat. - Politely Dangerous

so that's why I keep wanting to put the wood chairs in front of the fireplace after starting a fire...-CaptMerengie

Ohhhh that explains EVERYTHING!-Me

That would explain everything! Northern lights, George W. Bush, the French. Yeah, everything makes perfect sense

I would not be surprised- Face without a name

No surprise there-Loser

Good Answer AwardThat would be WICKED! Then it would be a drunken alien playing a video game of a drunken human playing a video game about getting the sims drunk! Paradox, man!-InfernoSlam

Meh. Go along with it. We always knew someone was controlling us. He's called GOD. Now we know for sure that he's been drunk when some real shit has happened.-Arthur, King of the Britons

Do I get to keep all the Quarters he spends?-Slick Willy


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