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What if someone kept calling you the wrong name, and even when you told them it was wrong,
they kept calling you that just to piss you off?



I'd call them Oblio. All the time. I would never use pronouns when referring to them, and would address them by this name in each sentence I spoke to them.- toga_parade

So you've met my mother? Thats what she does all the time. God I hate that.- link

Good Answer Awardthen i'd probably call him a quack and hit him(it's probably a guy cause they are such idiots most times) on the head or kick him in the balls and then sew my name on his hand. Probably cross stitch style cause i don't know any other style. So that'll be pretty neat.Maybe i'd also lock him up and feed him occasionally at my house's underground dungeon. You're welcome to come stay there too by the way. i serve Japanese food ALL THE TIME- frozen capsicums

I'd sneak into their house while they were sleeping and plaster walls with paper, with my correct name written on it. Or something.- sad fingernails

I'm used to it- Jay

Good Answer AwardI've had this happen. A little chloroform and a new tattoo, and that bitch never called me Charlene again.- PRChick

Good Answer Awardhappens.ALL THE's not like my name is hard or anything.they just like pronouncing it weirdly for fun. It totally pisses me off. i always smile and pretend everything is all right. Then i go home and have a voodoo doll of them made. I proceed to stab them everytime i am free(which is a lot actually) and laugh at them when i see them in the hospital bedridden.- random passerby

If the name was Arthur, King of the Britons, I would rather enjoy it. If the name WASN'T Arthur, King of the Britons, I would call on the mighty Zeus to strike the offender down with a thunderbolt.- Arthur, King of the Britons

What a fun game. I would answer to every single one as if it's right and normal, only in a slightly different voice each time. That way they'll think each one is a separate personality, and it'll drive them mad!- Indomitus

Curse at them angrily in Russian or Mandarin every time I saw them. Or throw wads of cheese at them. - flying buckskin horses

I would succumb to my comeuppance.- Sally

I don't care as long as they keep callin me.- iamzbob

Mmm.well, I guess i'll let them off the hook. next time i see them , they'd probably be dead anyway. I think karma will take care of them. And pronouncing my name wrongly is the biggest sin of all. I hope they die a horrible and long and torturous death. - earwaxness

Good Answer AwardI guess I would just start responding to it. I mean if the only reason they're doing it is to piss me off, logically they will stop calling me the wrong name when it stops pissing me off. Then again, there are few logical people left in the world, so maybe instead I should just insist that my name is Carol and speak with a strange accent. Then I can shave my head and declare that the man won't keep me down and ask the dickhead to join me in my revolution. If that doesn't get them to stop calling me the wrong name, then I guess at least I have a fresh start with my hair. It's kind of on my nerves right now.- narcoticsunshine


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