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What if someone burst into the room you're in right now and
gave you a sound spanking on the ass with a wooden spoon?


Good Answer AwardThey would earn themselves a lashing of reprimand with an extension cord.- toga_parade

Good Answer AwardNormally, you would think I'd like something like that, but not today. Besides,if someone burst into this room right now I'd be pretty upset wether they tried to beat me with a spoon or just tried to recruit me for their sadistic twisted religeous cult like the last time that happened. - link

It's probably my mum. I dunno..the spoon will probably break cause this ass is made of steel.Other than that,i'd probably laugh my ass off at the situation first then i'd conveniently take the spoon and go make some tomato soup cause i always think of tomatoes while looking at a wooden soup spoon.- frozen capsicums

Let them do it. I'll use that same spoon that was whacking my ass to bake their cookies later. Heh.- sad fingernails

Yummm.... I'm sorry, What was that?- Jay

Good Answer AwardIt's hard to BURST into a cubicle, since I can see visitors coming from a mile away. I've had to resort to making a cardboard "door" to stop myself from looking at everyone walking by and to keep annoying co-workers out. Although, the annoying ones are ones who don't quite get the point of a simulated door. To you and me, it screams, "Stay the F out!" But to these people it's in invitation to knock over the cardboard and say "You must be busy!" No shit, I'm busy. I'm busy planning how I can get you fired, dumbass. I did't really answer the question, sorry, but I really do feel better now. Thank you.- PRChick

Most people would react along the lines of “NO NOT AGAIN DADDY” but I on the other hand would pick up the keyboard and bash that wooden spoon in until it broke into a thousand and six wooden splinters .- Ishkabilly

oh dear, i think it's my chef on strike again. SUCH A TOAD.all i ever did was give him normal sized tomatoes instead of cherry tomatoes. Then he goes on what the hell man? i'm gonna toast his ass tomorrow and pack his car full of gigantic tomatoes.- random passerby

If it was some random, I'd dig out his heart with the wooden spoon and some perseverence. If I knew the person...I'd consider sparing them, but only if they bowed down to me and pronounced me the Rightful King of the Britons and thenceforth called me Arthur, King of the Britons, despite the fact that I am female.- Arthur, King of the Britons

Good Answer AwardInteresting. I like where this is going, tell me more. What are they wearing? Is it leather? Is it... sexy?- Indomitus

I would grab them by the throat and snap their neck and have sex with their dead body- nasty nonamed idiot

Good Answer AwardI would only agree if it was to the beat of "Waiting for the Worms" from Pink Floyd's The Wall.- flying buckskin horses

I'm charged with murder.- Sally

Heh Heh. Well. Is the spoon clean. What am I wearing. My sex or other sex. Is there a midget anywhere. etc.. etc..- iamzbob

I'd stare. And if he were to move at super speed and might suddenly hit me on the behind...i don't think i can really do anything. Maybe i'd cry. But the next time i see him,i will chainsaw his car in half and also kill his dog. I know where he lives after all.He's probably my neighbor that keeps giving my house treats. After killing his dog, I 'd poop on his lawn too. FERTILIZE the earth.recycle. - earwaxness

Good Answer AwardOh yeah that's hot. Spanking happens to be a fetish of mine. I'd be very excited in my pants if someone burst in and did that, but it would be very disappointing if that was as far as it went. I guess I've always got my hand and The Lion King.- narcoticsunshine


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