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What can you hear right now and if you told it to shut the hell up, would it listen?



The washing machine, and since it is not voice activated, I strongly doubt it would listen to me.- toga_parade

Good Answer AwardJust the static muffled noise of a poorly tuned clock radio at my side that I'm too lazy to tune in better. If I told it to shut up I'm sure it would go on hissing like I never said a word, but I'd be too worried that it might listen and scare the hell out of me to try it.- link

i can hear the sound of the laptop whirring. if i did tell it to shut up(but i won't cause it has feelings too okay you heartless bastards), it probably can't unless i unplug it and take out he batteries.but that'll suck cause i wouldn't be able to finish this questionnaire. - frozen capsicums

I can hear time passing by. Nah it wouldn't shup up, because it has a hat over its ears becasue it's cold out and it couldn't hear me. - sad fingernails

my cat and yes- Jay

Good Answer AwardIt's really, really quiet here right now, which makes me wonder what my co-workers are up to. I can hear myself typing and I'm pretty sure I could convince myself to shut the hell up if I tried hard really hard.- PRChick

Nothing interesting happened other than the eight brand new clean as whistle(whistles really aren’t that clean but people seem to have the opinion that they are so whatever, I’ll just use the stupidity of common American English to my advantage in this statement…) 55 gallon drums that were put in my assistant principals office... I wonder who did that?- Ishkabilly

i actually hear my throbbing headache. I don't really want to ask it to shut up. Cause, if i did then it'll just explode and my brain my melt in the process. So i'll just gently say 'keep quiet' and hopefully it'll understand that it should not cause my brain so much damage until it explodes.- random passerby

The TV. Maybe if I yelled at it really loud it would listen. That doesn't mean it'd choose to obey my law. Even though my word IS law. I am Arthur, King of the Britons.- Arthur, King of the Britons

Good Answer AwardOnly the voices in my head, and no, they never listen to me. Right now, they're having an argument over what to tell me to do next.- Indomitus

Good Answer AwardMy computer making those computer breathing sounds. It's like it's perpetually sighing in exasperation with me, and all I do is try to be nice to it. I miss my first Toshiba and this one is taking some getting used to. But it keeps breathe/sighing at me, and it's upsetting and I know it won't stop ever. - flying buckskin horses

The voices. Ive been tryin for years.- Sally

The roomates. And if they shut-up then they won't fight and one won't kill the other. - iamzbob

I can't hear much but the fan blowing in my ear. I'm trying to dry my hair,so i don't mind the noise it's making.But if i were to shut it off.It'd shut up.And what's best is that i don't even have to scream at it. press button. I love technology. Makes us humans feel superior. - earwaxness

Good Answer AwardI'm on the phone with my girlfriend. She's talking to me and I'm kind of listening. If I told her to shut the hell up, she'd probably get mad and yell at me and then hang up, so I guess it would work. But then she'd call back in a few minutes and be like "Why didn't you call me back? You don't love me anymore, do you?? What are you doing that's more important than me?" And then I'd have to assure her that I do love her and then she'd be all sniffling and sad and pouty. And she'd probably bring it up in conversations for the next week or so and throw it in my face that I was mean to her. So really, it's just not worth it.- narcoticsunshine


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