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Which do you prefer - red triangle, blue circle, green square or orange star?
Oh, and make sure you put a reason or you will be judged HARSHLY by the shape counscil.



Good Answer AwardWell, red is the color of love, and love triangles are generally complex and cause near endless grief, so that one's out. Blue is the color of placidity, and something endlessly placid seems rather boring. An orange star brings to mind arrogance, but a green square is very close to a green rectangle. Since I'm low on money, I think I'd prefer the green square most.- toga_parade

Red triangle for sure. Why? you ask. I consider it a matter of personal preference. That's what you asked isn't it?- link

I dun really like the choices you gave me.they're too geometrical for my taste.i guess since the shape counsil(just following what you wrote)is all gay and fussy.I'd probably pick the circle that's blue.I like circles more cause it's simple and worth nothing. And i like blue cause it's really weird and makes me feel really squirmy.- frozen capsicums

I like purple pentagons, purely for the alliteration aspect. - sad fingernails

red triangle because it is my favorite color and its pointy ;)- Jay

Honestly, it doesn't matter. I'm just always after his Lucky Charms!- PRChick

YOU PERSONALITY JUDGING SPICK! Who gives you the right to analyze peoples personalities based on their favorite color and shape!? I reject your colors and shapes and choose the Accretion irregular septaheptagon!- Ishkabilly

Good Answer Awardwhy are all the shapes so pointy? well except the circle.Is there some kind of reason huh shape counscil? IS IT A CRIME TO BE BLUNT INSTEAD OF POINTY? Therefore, i pick the circle. simply because it's blunt. You can't kill anybody with a circle unless you probably want to choke them even that is hard cause the circle is blue. Blue signifies nothing much in particular just blue. All i think of when they say blue is pink.- random passerby

Blue circles all the way! Awesome colour! I'm high on something! I don't know what!- Arthur, King of the Britons

Good Answer AwardOh that is so Shapist. Just because I prefer an amorphous blob, I have to put up with everyone's prejudice. It's an alternative lifestyle, damn it! (sob)- Indomitus

Indigo Starburst. FUCK YOU BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1- Sally

First of all, I don't give the Shape Council two weak shakes but I would have to say purple horseshoes. Oh you didn't mean Lucky Charms.- iamzbob

Good Answer AwardI like green square. Squares are easy to understand. they're boxy and there won't be any hidden thing behind a square. And besides that, i also recently realized that my facial structure was a square. I freaked. Green because it represents the hope and luck. PAH!who am i kidding?green sucks.I'm in it for the square.- earwaxness

Good Answer AwardWell stars are my favorite shapes, but blue is my favorite color. Oh decisions, decisions. Orange kind of sucks because it's just so... orange. I mean really. And I don't really like circles. The whole "circles symbolize forever" and "the circle of life" shit is stupid. Speaking of the circle of life, am I the only one who thought that The Lion King was a shitty movie to show to kids? I think I cried for days after my mom showed it to me. Mufasa being dropped off that cliff just played over and over again in my mind. Now though I think Scar was super sexy. I mean his voice is like liquid sex. Except I'm not quite sure how sound can be liquid. Oh wait I'm supposed to be talking about shapes. Yeah I guess I pick blue circles because I really hate orange that much, and now thinking of circles makes me want to masturbate to Scar's voice.- narcoticsunshine


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