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When was the last time you played an instrument and were you any good at it?
And NO a skin flute doesn't count.



Bass yesterday and somewhat- toga_parade

Good Answer Awardmy instrument was the chainsaw. No, I didn't cut trees or slow moving teenagers, I carved ice. I was a mediocre sculpter of ice art. Gave it up about ten years ago for bigger and better career moves.- link

Good Answer Awardi play piano.I suck. well technically i'm lazy and do not bother to practice.I continue not to practice just to annoy my piano teacher.But just one month before the exam when she starts getting all freaky with me,I secretly practice and get a distinction while she thinks i'd fail.- frozen capsicums

I sang. Must not have been good cos now I have a swollen lymph node on my throat. So I denied myself?- sad fingernails

today; my ocarina.- Jay

Good Answer AwardOh my God, my co-worker just told me what a skin flute is! You could have warned me before I asked in a staff meeting!- PRChick

Are you telling me to reveal my harmonica secretes?! Because if that is the case then you are dead by the seven base note torment! If not then it is harmonica time! - Ishkabilly

i like playing with my eyes. It's a really weird sounding instrument but almost everybody can play it. It's really easy.There's like this spot when you press on it, the eyeballs somehow make a sound.(I'M DEAD SERIOUS HERE)I always play with it so i guess i'm pretty good. It's really good for squishing sound effects. SO COOL.- random passerby

I played the piano this morning, and I played well. Suck on that, non-musical-bitches!- Arthur, King of the Britons

A Day and a half ago. I had quite a few dancing and humming along.- Sally

Within a year. Better than betthoven.- iamzbob

Good Answer Awardi'd have to say that i don't play instruments.It's a bother.Why waste my time learning something like that when i can be at home staying up late with coffee waiting for the alien arrivals. I also look out for the unexpected. Like mary poppins. I'm still on the look out for her.- earwaxness

Good Answer AwardThe last time I played an instrument was about two years ago when I was in high school. I played the flute in band and I wasn't super or anything but I could stay in tune and play the right notes. Yeah I was a band nerd, so what. And please, don't say "This one time, at band camp..." Band camp wasn't that much fun. We marched for hours in the hot sun, got three minute breaks every half hour or so to drink warm water and ran laps when our section leaders felt like being extra bitchy (which was often). I'm still not really sure why I was in band. And what the hell is a skin flute? Is this some sexual reference that I'm missing?- narcoticsunshine


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