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Did anything interesting happen to you or anyone you know on April Fools Day (April 1st)?


no- toga_parade

Nope. I know you want me to explain but, Screw off!- link

Good Answer AwardWell, other then the toothpaste in oreo cookies trick, my class wanted to prank the homeroom teacher,but then while in the midst of planning, she went home early.and we thought that she outpranked us and all.but turns out that her maid ran away.bummer.- frozen capsicums

Maddox didn't update his page, my phone died and I found a cool blue pencil. Meh.- sad fingernails

yes. three words: Car; Sticky notes.- Jay

My bprank-playing daughter took all the dishes out of the cupboard and hid them, so I made her eat hot soup with her hands. That was fun.- PRChick

Nothing interesting happened other than the eight brand new clean as whistle(whistles really aren’t that clean but people seem to have the opinion that they are so whatever, I’ll just use the stupidity of common American English to my advantage in this statement…) 55 gallon drums that were put in my assistant principals office... I wonder who did that?- Ishkabilly

I hate April fool day. It sucks. I just like the jesters hat. So all i did was be an ass in school by screaming 'i hate April fool day' where everyone then decided to play pranks on me. Where i kicked them in the ass and busted my way home. Then i fed my dog some toothpaste and watched it foam a little.- random passerby

A few of my female friends and I pretended we'd gotten pregnant by our mutual guy friend, who most of us have dated before. It didn't go far. We got bored.- Arthur, King of the Britons

Good Answer AwardNo. Nothing interesting happened. Nothing ever happens. God, how I wish something, anything, would just burst into flames once in a while.- Indomitus

Nah- Sally

I told my parents I was pregnant. Which would make me the second male mother. But then I told them it was an elephants baby and showed em the trunk.- iamzbob

No.I stayed at home,watched the telly.I also busted my piggy bank open by accident. It mysteriously moved to the edge of the table.And with a swipe, crash,pennies all over the floor. I bet it was you. DAMN YOU. it wasn't a funny joke.- earwaxness

Good Answer AwardNot really. My life is kind of boring and I don't know that many people. However, a couple of weeks ago my work transfered to new ownership. There's this girl at my work who is really dumber than a stack of wet paper towels. I mean really. She's 18 and a while back she asked me what a uterus is and if it's a bad word. I was like "... Don't you have one? Shouldn't you know what's going on in your body? DO THEY NOT TEACH THIS IN HEALTH?" I mean really, I thought health was mandatory to graduate. She also told me that she puts three or four stamps on her letters, just in case. When I asked her why she said because some of her letters are long and might weight too much for just one stamp. Anyways, so when my boss told her that he had sold the store, her response was, "Oh. Wait... what? Is it April Fool's?" and she was completely serious. It was like the 20th of April. I think we all just shook our heads and prayed that global warming kills us all before this next generation of idiots takes over.- narcoticsunshine


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