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Now that summer is OVER - what will you miss most about it and did you do anything FUNKY before it was over?



i'll miss the sweet sweet smell of sweaty young women in short skirts everywhere.- iamzbob

Of course I'll miss being pent up in a tiny, filth-ridden apartment twenty-four seven. - Ariel Hunter

Good Answer AwardSummer's just beginning in Africa baby! There will be much craziness...- goose

I will miss sleeping for more than four hours a night. I went to chicago and ran from a tornado this summer. I suppose that is funky, right?- Squid

I won't miss anything about summer. I have reached the age where summer days are like any other days, (wake up and go to work). I did enjoy this summer a little more then last. I got engaged to my future wife, and took a week off and went to Texas.- doom03

IT'S NOT OVER I PLAN TO LIVE IN DENIAL. Really though, summer sucked, and the funky thing I did was not kill anyone as a result of the sweltering heat. - ox-tacular

Good Answer AwardI'm kind of glad that summer is over. All that freetime was really showing me just how pathetic and friendless I really am. Now I can get back into my nice routine of classes, work and sitting in front of the computer instead of just work and sitting in front of the computer. However, I did do one funky thing... This exhibit called Body Worlds came to LA and I went and saw it with my friends. It's got a whole bunch of dead people in it who donated their bodies to science. I'm not really sure how the exhibit was sciencey or educational, but it was pretty awesome to see dead plastinated people cut open and we did get yelled at for asking where they had models engaging in sex acts. Come to think of it, I guess that really wasn't that funky. How sad.- narcoticsunshine

I miss the nice weather and I'm not looking forward to having to heat my house...I married off my oldest daughter in early September, maybe not FUNKY, but a new experience none the less- thetech

TOTALLY! All those late drunk nights, and premiscuous sex. I'm going to miss that. Oh and FUNKY, psh yeah, more like KINKY!- super lesbian baby maker

that girl, we smoked funny things and tried funny things- i forgot my name duh

ill miss having everybody around all the blows...even if it is college lol- kelly


I'll miss the early morning swimming routine, the beach parties and skimpy clothes I got to wear without insulting anyone's (prudes!) feelings. Morality is overrated these days. Funky? I went to a couple of concerts, swam naked a few times (only when too inebriated to remember bringing my swimsuit with me) and I got to see Roger Moore in person.- Klio

I'm going to miss hanging out on the couch with my friends and watching shitty horror movies that were free on demand. If I have a place in time and space that's where it is. All we did to end summer was see Death Race. It was more crap than it was funky.- Quel

i hate summer. i tried to drink every night for 2 weeks.- kupalkiko

I miss the heat stroke. One cannot work up a good heat stroke seizure in the fall. I had lot of funky heat strokes this summer.- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer AwardWell before telling the little people inside my head to stop the summer cycle and to put it into fall I can defiantly see a change in my bodily motions. The only thing I miss about summer is that all the suns heat is being stolen from other countrys with rays made by their government, which is why were stuck with bumfuck cold.- chalk141

I will miss swimming the most.. and didnt do anything really funky....- Sheletor


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