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What is the weirdest thing you've had shot at you and did you survive?



Good Answer AwardI once fell off my bed while masturbating right as i was cumming. I landed upside down and I sarted to shoot at myself. I did not survive.- iamzbob

I don't know, but I had a dream that this anime guy with telekenetic powers was shooting plastic butter knives at me while I was in the bathroom and I was trying to hide behind the toilet. - Ariel Hunter

My mom fed me frozen chickens with a catapult. Not only did I survive, I survived.- goose

I dont think I have ever had anything shot at me.- Squid

I tend to avoid being shot at. - doom03

Good Answer AwardWafflized pancakes. Sounds impossible but it's true. I went down to the Chelsea drugstore, to get your prescription filled and after I drank my cherry red soda, this redneck (they're everywhere where I live) stuffed wafflized pancakes into his shotgun and fired them at me. He said the cherry red was equal to me calling him a redneck. - ox-tacular

Good Answer AwardWhen I was little, our TV broke and my parents didn't have enough money to fix it. So instead, they each built a sling shot type device and had me stand in front of the broken TV while they sat on the couch and launched mashmellows at me, supposedly aiming for my open mouth. The object was to see whose device worked better, but in the end it was just funny for them to pelt me with marshmellows. I walked away realtively unharmed (I did have several bruises and ended up covered in marshmellow dust, you know what I'm talking about right? That white powdery shit that marshmellows are covered in?) but to this day I still cringe when anyone opens a bag of marshmellows.- narcoticsunshine

Got shot by a pellet gun when I was like that hurt...- thetech

Good Answer AwardI don't knwo wtf it was but I did NOT SURVIVE! I am now dead and typing to you from beyond the grave!!! [spooky ghost noises]- super lesbian baby maker

climbing mount vesuvius, i barely escaped with my life- i forgot my name duh

paintball of course- kelly

RUBBER DUCKY- Forgetful idiot

A coffee machine. Luckily it missed. I'm still alive, unluckily for some.- Klio

A hot dog? At ball games they shoot those at you. I want to see a myth busters where they prove that at a point blank range a hot dog gun is lethal.- Quel

when we were really young me and my brother would sometomes play in the shower. for some reason he thought it was cool to shoot his pee on me. i was able to dodge and eventually answer this question.- kupalkiko

Someone once shot a rare albino weasel at me. I survived, but the weasel did not.- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer AwardWhen I was younger I was playing with my airsoft gun. I thought I had the safety on and began to pretend like I was gonna shoot myself in the eye with it. So here I am pulling the trigger on my airsoft gun thinking the safety will hold. Well about 5 seconds later it shoots me right next to my fucking eye and I almost go blind. Fucking gravity!- chalk141

Good Answer Awardmy nephew was 2 years old, and his mom changed his diaper and rolled up the used one.. then he picked it up and threw it at me.. ewww good thing it didn't open!- Sheletor


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