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Who was the last person that phoned you and what the hell did they want?


Good Answer AwardPresident Bush. He wanted to know how to spell USA.- iamzbob

NOT MY GALL BLADDER!!! - Ariel Hunter

Danielle phoned me last night while I was sleeping. She wanted to come over and said she'd phone when she was at the gate. I fell back to sleep and 5 missed calls later, woke up and went to work. - goose

Mike phoned me to talk some bullshit about my internship like he is my boss or something. HE called me again later and I didn't answer. - Squid

My mom, she wanted to know if I had fixed my car.- doom03

Good Answer AwardGod. Just letting me know that I'll be taking over soon. Bahaha.... - ox-tacular

Good Answer AwardThe last person who called me was my girlfriend. She was bugging me to come over and see her but I've really had enough of her for right now so I pretended that I didn't feel good and that I wanted to take a nap. God, I thought becoming a lesbian would be easier to deal with than the clingy guys I've had in the past, but this chick tops all that. If the sex wasn't so good, I swear I'd move on to less annoying pastures.- narcoticsunshine

My daughter, wanted to know if she could come over for dinner with the new husband and cook the fish they just was delicious by the way.- thetech

Erica! She totally wanted me =) Yeah she wanted me to take her away so we could have some hot D/s bondage sex. Oh yeah, my woman is KINKY!- super lesbian baby maker

micheal jackson, wondered if my shipment of mexican children was in..they werent- i forgot my name duh

sam to find out when to come up- kelly

MY COUSIN ASKIN ME 2 COME 4 A SMOKE- Forgetful idiot

Ivy. She wanted to tell me about the latest pair of really ugly shoes she bought and I had to pretend I'm riveted by the conversation. In fact, I spent the entirety of the half hour doodling on a piece of paper and clicking stumble! on my firefox browser.- Klio

Last person to phone me was my friend from high school. He wanted to tell me that all the girls at his college were insanely hot. Thank you for setting my phone off while i was in the front row of math lecture. Really, preciate it.- Quel

Good Answer Awardit was a machine. it was offering me a better deal on cable. its friends called me too. the other one was trying to get me to pay less interest for my credit card. i tried to ask a question but they were rude and just kept talking.tsk tsk, bad salesmanship so i hung up- kupalkiko

Good Answer AwardThat would be the hostage negotiator. He wanted me to release one of my hostages in exchange for the army of weebles that I had demanded. I refused, because those damn weebles would wobble but they wouldn't fall down. They were mocking me.- Archbishop Shaggy

Some fucking bitch, she wanted me to bang her baby up- chalk141

no one called me- Sheletor


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