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When was the last time you went camping and did you burn anything interesting?



About ten tears ago. Myself, thats why its been so long.- iamzbob

Ick... Summer Camp. I would've sure loved to burn that smelly dyslexic kid for cozying up to me. - Ariel Hunter

Over Christmas. The wood wasn't particularly interesting, so we burn't it.- goose

I last went camping about ten years ago. I burnt a poptart box. That is all- Squid

It has been about 7 or 8 years since I have gone camping, and unless burning a marshmallow counts as interesting then my answer would be nothing.- doom03

In my past life I totally always went camping. The best time was after this Pink Floyd concert, when my friends and I went into the woods and we burnt our hair black hell yeah.- ox-tacular

Good Answer AwardGod I hate nature. It's always so dirty and annoying and bright and there's too much oxygen and bugs are everywhere. Thank Jesus no one has dragged me camping since I was in high school and had to go each summer for church camp. It was brutal, and I always got in trouble for the dumbest things. Like one time, I tied one of the younger girls to a tree with a bee hive in it because she wouldn't shut the fuck up. If she wasn't gonna shut her trap, I at least wanted something entertaining to be coming out of her mouth. The little bitch got me in big trouble so that night I burned her tent down. That was pretty interesting.- narcoticsunshine

Shit...20 years ago at least...brushed our teeth with beer from the keg...yuck...- thetech

Camping, what fool goes camping? NATURE IS EVIL! IT MADE TREES! HAHAHA "interesting"??? BURN YOU EVIL TREES BUUUURRRRNNNN!!!!!!!- super lesbian baby maker

last summmer, i just burned a joint, and my arm- i forgot my name duh

fourht of july and only the ganja lol- kelly

A MAT- Forgetful idiot

I don't think I ever went camping per se. I mean we did try, but we found we had forgotten to bring enough alcohol and cigarettes and so we returned home after a couple of hours.- Klio

I went camping two years ago and i didn't burn anything interesting. Not really into fire so much. More of a water person myself. It's so splishy and splashy.- Quel

about 3 weeks ago. other campers' tent and some medicinal weed- kupalkiko

Good Answer AwardI went camping last April, and I set fire to my crotch.... good times.- Archbishop Shaggy

I went camping in a place called downieville. Its in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, but their well known for their Mountain Biking track. The town looks like its about decay under its own filth, the people in the town look like they would stab me with an ice pick and use my skin to cover their house in winter, and theirs giant mechanical bears that run threw the town and tear you inside out from the asshole.- chalk141

last time I went camping was in May.. we did Bean launches!- Sheletor


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