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What if someone insisted on putting everything you wanted to eat into a blender
and forced you to suck it down through a baby bottle? (Of course they'd also burp you afterwards.)



Nasty! Blended Pussy.- iamzbob

Liquified sushi? No thanks. I like my yellowtail solid, thank you very much... Though is the burping option still open? - Ariel Hunter

Hahaha, hey, if it;'s the right person, anything Baby!- Leeeeela

I'd be a little disturbed.- goose

I'd punch them in the mouth.- Squid

That is disgusting, I don't like when my food mixes on a plate.- doom03

Good Answer AwardNo no no, as Homer Simpson has taught us, everything must be in bar-form, including spaghetti and meatballs. - ox-tacular

Good Answer AwardCould they really blend everything fine enough for it to come out of a baby bottle? I seriously doubt they could get things like steak or a sandwhich or pizza to be liquid enough for that to work. But if by some miracle they did, I guess I'd just let them. It'd be nice to be taken care of for a change.- narcoticsunshine

Ruining the texture of ffod ruins the food, so I would not enjoy this- thetech

HAHAHA Force ME to drink THAT through a BOTTLE!??!!? BLASPHEMY I TELL YOU!!! I would take that bottle and shove it down their throats, see how they like MY FORCE!- super lesbian baby maker

word- i forgot my name duh

id try it and then tell the to fuck off if it sucked lol- kelly

WAT THE HECK!!- Forgetful idiot

They wouldn't. No fucking way. You can insist all you like. Who writes these questions anyway? Sick.- Klio

Good Answer AwardI would take the bottle and throw it against the wall so it splattered against the wall and made a big mess. Then i would scream and cry untill i got spanked.- Quel

either choose fruit so it won't be so bad or real chunky stuff like meat so it won't go through the hole. i'd puke on them when they go to burp me. - kupalkiko

Good Answer AwardI can't count the number of times this has happened to me. It tends to be okay, unless my meal contains both strawberry yogurt and goat cheese. They do not mix well.- Archbishop Shaggy

I would ask them if they could handle putting a baby in a blender. Cause I eat babies day in day out.- chalk141

eww- Sheletor


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