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Do you have a favourite "back to school" item and if so, what is it and will you buy me some?


Back TO School???????????????? I got a Job.- iamzbob


Ooh stationary... :) You can have a pen if you want.- goose

my favorite back to school item is a refill of ativan and I'm not sharing- Squid

I think my favorite "back to school" item would be new clothes, and i won't not buy you any.- doom03

Yes. I love buying the spare lead that goes in your mechanical pencils. That's totally the best. They're so crunchy too! Do you want some?- ox-tacular

Paper, I have a paper fetish...- thetech

Good Answer AwardBack to school, like as in, back to my university studies with crazy professors who are all insane from staring hard at rocks all day and then taking part of their frustration and angst out on us? Actually I do. Aspirin and NyQuil.- dragon~oxes

Good Answer AwardPENS!!! OMGZ YOU WANT PENS TOO!?!?!?! We can go get some balck ones, some puple, big thick ones, tiny ones... [brain melting]- super lesbian baby maker

condoms, no i will not buy you some...perv- i forgot my name duh

clothes of any kind- kelly

MARIJUANA- Forgetful idiot

British-schoolgirl inspired wardrobe. Does that count as an item? No, will not, unless I win a lottery tomorrow.- Klio

My favorite back to school item is my glasses. I was so blind and when i wear them I feel like my DNA has been enhanced with eagle genes.- Quel

Good Answer Awardi used to like the pens and pencils my parents got me. i'd buy you some but i dont think you're going "back to school"- kupalkiko

My favorite back to school item is napalm. I will buy you some if you get good grades.- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer AwardMy favorite back to school item is pot. I bring that shit in the school area and toke it up in the bathroom, sidewalls, shit like that. That way when my teachers are blabbing away about some made up bullshit provided by our government, il be stoned as fuck drawing the little people inside my head.- chalk141

notebooks, maybe- Sheletor


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