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When was the last time you went shopping and what did you buy?
More importantly, WHY didn't you buy ME anything?



Good Answer AwardThe last time I went shopping I bought chocolate cake mix, a bowl, stole two eggs and some veg oil that I poured in the cake mix box before I bought it and then proceeded to exit the store and mix the ingredients and eat the cake mix while riding the little kiddie carousel they have outside. Boy I got some looks!! But I just cat called at all the moms who glared at me cuz there whining kid couldn't ride the thing with that crazy girl on it! I can't really explain my actions I just really wanted cake mix but I was to lazy to go home and get eggs and stuff that is why I just stole some cuz I didn't want the whole dozen! I would have brought you some but I don't think I could have driven or filled out a envelope the right way in that state of mind, maybe next time... - If I only had a navel....

i bought food. and of course i can't buy anything for you unless you want it molded and i dunno disintegrating while u receive it maybe 2 weeks after i bought it.- williewonka

Good Answer AwardI couldn't buy you. Heck!i couldn't buy ME anything!i'm a hobo that lives across that street using only newspaper as a blanket.the only reason i can even do this questioner is because someone had sympathy for me and decided to give me a cup of coffee if i filled this out.Have you no pity?heartless bastard- where people are gay

september socks- yeah

I bought the Control soundtrack, Leon The Professional, a original series Star Trek calendar, and a zombie guide calendar.- The Destroyer

I went out and bought some shiny hooks. One of them is for you, but I don't think you'll like how you get it.- SPANKY the wonder horse

I don't shop. People just give me things because I'm so damned sexy.- Moron 5

There was a bon-bon sale on the shopping network. I don't share my bonbons.- Peggy Bundy

toilet paper, hair dye, cigarettes, sorry buddy you didn't need any toilet paper- little missy

Let's see I don't know & I don't give a crap!- Anonomous

Week ago... new turkey baster to put gasoline additive into my tank.- Ewww


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