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What if salad fell from the sky and it rained salad dressing?


My rabbits would be happy but I would have to go hide in McDonalds to get some real food. - If I only had a navel....


i'd be more homeless than i already am. god should pity me and send down meat instead. The salad dressing will stain my newspaper which i have worked so hard to collect while the salad will be annoying since i'm carnivorous.- where people are gay

as long as it's italian dressing- yeah

I would hurl. Or, depending on the dressing, my eyes would burn out of my head.- The Destroyer

Good Answer AwardI'd be happy with that actually. Horses like myself like to eat salad.- SPANKY the wonder horse

Good Answer AwardI would hope it's a dressing I like. It would save me a lot of space in my backyard because I wouldn't have to grow my own veggies anymore.- Moron 5

Ew. Why can't it rain something I like, like bonbons?- Peggy Bundy

Good Answer Awardi guess we'll have salad for a day till it goes bad- little missy

I would puke! Salad sucks!- Anonomous

Better be Caesar: no croutons.- Ewww


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