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What if you woke up one day and ALL your clothing was missing?



Good Answer AwardI take my rug and roll up in it, call myself a walking burrito and wait till Halloween and pretend that was my costume, then I would blend in and people wouldn't think I was a freak and by some clothes and go home and then gorge myself on candy cuz it is Halloween. But I would probably do it that day screw waiting for Halloween, life's more fun when you are a freak!! And my rug is really fuzzy and feels nice on my skin when I come home and pass out on it from to much, well, to much everything, so wearing it would be comfortable and soft, mmmm.... maybe I'll wear my rug now... - If I only had a navel....

what an interesting day to go shopping. shall probably make a bra and undies of magazine's then prance around trying to find some clothes- williewonka

umm buddy, it already is.- where people are gay

it'd be sketchy- yeah

Good Answer AwardI would assume it had become invisible. Or, hide everyone's clothing in return.- The Destroyer

Good Answer AwardI'd scream, run around shaking my wang at everyone and then try to cover my shame using small goats. No really, I'm naked all the time, I'm a horse.- SPANKY the wonder horse

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa baby. *WINK*- Moron 5

Good Answer AwardLike Al would even notice.- Peggy Bundy

did i forget well more importantly whose house am i in- little missy

I would find the person that stole them & slap them so hard.- Anonomous

Toga party!- Ewww


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