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What is the strangest thing you've had to say or do for some halloween candy - and was it worth it?



Good Answer AwardYou have to do some strange shit to get Halloween candy in February, but like I would waste my time trick or treating on Halloween!! There are parties to be had!! One house I went to trick or treating in February the old lady had me sing Baptist hymns cuz she said my soul was being controlled by the devil and the music of the lord would cast out the demon. And hells yeah it was worth it, free candy is free candy, and knowing that you scared the shit out of some old lady cuz you started spasming and frothing at the mouth, faking demon possession, and she gave you her whole bowl of candy just to make you leave makes freezing your ass off dressed as a dollar whore the whole night worth it.- If I only had a navel....

trick or treat. worth it. find it dumb to say it since there's no tricking done.- williewonka

Good Answer Awardwould you take me to your candy shop? ugh.he got the wrong idea and unzipped his pants. i had a hard time squirming outta that one.- where people are gay

trick or treat- yeah

I am strange, so I don't have to do anything different.- The Destroyer

I had to let someone dig around in my anus for 5 minutes. Don't worry, they wore a glove.- SPANKY the wonder horse

Good Answer AwardI had to put on a costume and dance for them. I shook my money maker and got some sweet ass sugar as a reward.- Moron 5

I had to beg Al to give me cash should I could go buy some bonbons. He refused so I just stole some from his wallet that night. It was worth it.- Peggy Bundy

got pregnant, yes and no- little missy

SThis question sucks! - Anonomous

Sing a song for a GIANT chocolate bar, and YES!- Ewww


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