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Are you addicted to any online games - if so, which one(s) and are you some sort of weird little elf character that has a large sword and a pet bird that squawks secret spells to you? If not then why do you hate online games so much?

World of Warcraft D: COD4 and yes imk a elf in WoW /cry- caketown

Sadly no on account my computer is so shitty, supporting computer games is just not its thing.- TheBubble

Good Answer AwardI'm addicted to looking at myself in the mirror. It's not because I'm beautiful, because I'm not. It's because I'm obsessed with the little pimple that grows on the edge of my nose occasionally and I keep checking to see if it's coming back. That beats the hell out of any online game.- Not a Lame guy!

does porn count as an online game? No you say? Then my answer is absolutely not, I am not addicted to any online games..I'm far too busy playing with something else online- Poptart

too much time in fantasy worlds no social skills- bunteri

No... opiates for the masses.- japes

Good Answer AwardNo, I don't get into that fruity fantasy bullshit. I hate them because of what they turn people into: Fat cheeto crusted beardos with nothing on their minds but a dark feeling that they are better than anyone else fat and bearded.- lame nickname

I'm an offline sort of guy- twatcher

i love girly games like the ones on it's so gay!! i love it - nicelegsnicetitsbiglips

POGO rules - iamzbob

I wish I was at this point, because it would alleviate my boredom quite nicely. However, unless you count, I am not crippled with any such addiction. Pogo is basically a website of pretty much any random game you can think of and doesn't usually involve elves. Though perhaps if they included elves, as well as dragons, boars, unicorns and rockstars, I might become addicted to it.- Alyra

En este momento no, pero lo fui, y tuve una elfa. Y odio los juegos online porque me aburrieron demasiado.- Mariana

I would love to be but my computer is such a dinosaur it cant keep up with my typing. Much less not lag out anytime I get involved in anything remotely interactive. I dont hate games at all. I just cant play any :( - my_lame_nickname

I don't play online games, actually. I have no idea why. However, my brother is definitely under the spell of World of Warcraft. I know more about WoW than the average person despite the fact that I don't play it. I don't have a problem with online games, it's just the people who play them can be pretty damn annoying. I'll stick with Guitar Hero and any other games Playstation comes out with. - McDiablo

Good Answer AwardI like PacMan.- ok


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