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If you had a heart of gold, would you sell it for what it's worth, turn it into an amulet you can wear around your neck or hoard it until the world goes to hell and gold is worth a million times more than it is now?


Definitaly hoard it - caketown

Good Answer AwardThe only heart I care about is the one in my chest and whether or not it's beating, so let me see: I don't wear gold so I would never consider turning it into a piece of jewelry. I probably won't live that long to see it worth a million times more, so hoarding it seems a waste. I'd definitely sell it and spend the money on something much more entertaining like a pool of whip cream and jello cubes. Seems like a fair exchange to me.- TheBubble

Good Answer AwardWhat would I want with really valuable gold when the world has gone to hell? What good would it be then? I guess you couild use it to buy some ice-T to quench your thirst while shovelling elephant turds into satans great furnace. - Not a Lame guy!

Good Answer AwardI think I could still live with 2/3 of my heart of I'd chip off about a 1/3 of it, smelt it down and sell it. With that $$ I'd buy some nice shoes...but keep them under bullet proof glass with countless alarms protecting them all the while taunting Herbert, saying how nice they are, asking him how nice they are and wouldn't he like to hug them.- Poptart

but then i would be dead, wouldn't i- bunteri

Would not sell as too many people go through life without a heart of any type.- japes

By the time it will be worth a lot, I would either be extremely old or dead. So I would wait half my life, then I will sell my heart and go crazy for the little rest of my time I have left to live, since I have no more heart.- madtrash137

Hoard it. You've got to plan for the future. -lame nickname

Probably drop dead- twatcher

I'd wear it around my neck talk about a chick magnet!!!!- nicelegsnicetitsbiglips

if I sell it do I die. I guess id wait till china takes over and then sell it.- iamzbob

Good Answer AwardIf I had a heart of gold...seeing as how that saying means somebody is way too nice, and nice guys/girls finish last, I'd probably end up selling it. I'd sell help people and on my way to donate the money to some charity, some homeless man would stop me, rob me at knife point, and than kill me. He'd go on his merry way and squander all the money on booze/drugs/hookers while my body feeds the less fortunate creatures of the world.- Alyra

Yes, of course.- Mariana

If I had a heart of gold someone would have gotten fired in the giving out of golden hearts dept. And hell yeah Id sell it. I mean you dont need a heart if you got money. Just check out corporate Amerika.- my_lame_nickname

Good Answer AwardI wouldn't share with anyone that I had a heart of gold. I'd just wait until I died and let some Indiana Jones-like person dig it up and marvel over it's awesomeness. It probably won't be face-meltingly awesome, but it'll be awesome nonetheless.- McDiablo

That's it, if Barney is not coming to face his fucking duties I'll shoot the fucking hippo and throuw it to the middle of the street..- ok

Sell it - nonamed


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