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If you were a robot, how would you live your life differently and would you go around boasting to everyone about how awesome you are because you're a robot?

Good Answer AwardI would do nothing different but i would still boast to everyone about how i was a robot- caketown

That does not compute.- Not a Lame guy!

it depends if i'm the type of robot that can do juggle 8 flaming balls or fly or something, then i'd boast. but if i were the type of robot that just sits at home answering online questions all day, then i'd keep it to myself, cuz people expect robots to do tricks...- sharia

Good Answer AwardI guess it would all depend on what model I was. If I were a T3000 hells yea I'd go around strutting my stuff but if I was some retarded communication droid like C3P0 then I'd be worse off than I am now. A perfect combination would be something like 'Bender Bending Rodríguez'. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to strut around telling people to bite my shiny metal ass. - Poptart

i wouldn't pee as much- bunteri

Good Answer AwardScaring the crap out of all the non-robots. Boasts exclusively in digital hexadecimal code.- japes

I would rule over the world with the other robots, because that's what all robots wants: to rule over the world.- madtrash137

Good Answer AwardI've always considered how a sentient conscious robot would live its life and if that robot were me, how i would live. Fortunately we were given a perfect example in a charming cartoon robot named Bender. So, if you're familiar with Futurama, just imagine what bender would do and use that as my answer because i'm too lazy to write it all out here.- lame nickname

Already a robot- twatcher

hell yeah everyone would know I'm a robot and they fear me!!!- nicelegsnicetitsbiglips

Life would be different without booze drugs and women so I don't think that i would boast about anything.- iamzbob

i will boast around and tell girls that my erecton can go on 4ver. then i will not have to worry bout the extra fat. it will be awesome- Lameloser

I'd probably live horribly. Now, if I was a robot, I'd have to be a robot who was humanoid enough to have drugs and alcohol effect the pleasure center of my robotic brain. I'd also be un-humanoid enough to where the drugs and alcohol didn't destroy my body and brain. So, in all likelihood I'd be a robot stripper who loved to party and rape random men and do copious amounts of hard drugs and liquor. - Alyra

Good Answer AwardDe hecho, me alegra que me preguntes, soy un robot. Pero tampoco me quiero agrandar por eso. Además tengo un deseo imposible: "To feel"- Mariana

What do you mean if? OK I dont think Im a robot, but Im not really sold on being human. I get this strong feeling that I aint from 'round here', know what I mean? People are strange. But IF I was a robot I would have no reason to tell people, they would already be saying what a bad ass robot I was.- my_lame_nickname

Good Answer AwardI have a robotic-like arm and, yes, I boast about this because it is awesome. Not only can you whack it with a drumstick without causing pain, but you can also shouldercheck people twice your size and THEY will be injured, not you. If I were 100% robot, I'm sure I could do a lot of crazy shit and get away with it. "Oh, there's that crazy robot again--it doesn't know what it's doing." SWEET.- McDiablo

robots suck.- ok


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