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Is there any show on TV that makes you want to vomit and keep on vomiting until you can't vomit anymore -
if so which is is and why does it make you want to vomit so much?

Mindfreak its Soooooo gay- caketown

Good Answer AwardEvery show on MTV makes my stomach churn as if it were filled with maggots and I was rotting from the inside out. I think it's pretty damn obvious why, but the shows that really make my bile boil are shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills. Ignorant, self absorbed rich 'young adults' who don't know how to handle their own lives better than a six year old is not entertainment in my book.- TheBubble

Good Answer AwardCan't say that there is. I like most shows except for the stupid sitcoms and dramas and police shows and reality shows and game shows and the news and educationsal shows and cartoons and music tv and sports. So I guess I hate them all really. I like that show about the amazing "set it and forget it" chicken roaster, now thats cool.- Not a Lame guy!

it's grey's anatomy...mainly because it's written by vomit, for people who have nothing better to do than vomit for an hour straight...- sharia

Good Answer AwardAny sort of reality show really but any sort of dancing show is at the top of the list, the list of SuckAss that is...though the View is right up there too...those broads need to die painful deaths- Poptart

corronation street - bunteri

Friends. Sickly sweet and ordinary.- japes

Good Answer AwardThe news. National news shows. Mainly, it's because of the influence these shows have over many rational people in our country. They control their emotions and fill their heads with so much fear. It's a wonder that most of us aren't curled up in a corner sucking on our thumbs all day. And it's no surprise that some of us do. I want to vomit right now.- lame nickname

Everything on TV- twatcher

queer as folk!!! that a show to make you loose your gag reflex!!- nicelegsnicetitsbiglips

Good Answer Awardyeah Barney. He looks like a giant penis and acts like a pedophile.- iamzbob

It is Kersey number 10 cuz the fuckin story line up and lousy acting by the asshole actores. The girl called sakshi is such a bitch, she desnt know how to act and is always in cryin mood. if ur havin an erection it settles down after seeing her face.- Lameloser

Laguna Beach or anything associated with high class rich snobs. Their lives are so pointless, I just get sick to my stomach,- Jessjess

Good Answer AwardWell as much as "Fear Factor" is calling my name, that'd be too obvious of an answer for this lovely questionnaire. Pretty much any show on MTV, MTV2 and Fuse. Those channels play nothing but sickening, stupid crap that not only makes me vomit nonstop, it also makes me wish I could secede from the human race.- Alyra

No, ninguno, cero.- Mariana

Good Answer AwardActually any reality show makes me want to vomit. I mean WTF???? Isnt reality tv an oxymoron? If I wanted to watch television, which really isnt that much, I dont wanna see reality, I get enough of that when Im not watching tv. I didnt really think I would have an answer to this question but then I thought about reality tv and I threw up in my mouth a little. Of course that might have just been all the beer........- my_lame_nickname

Good Answer AwardThere's a show called 'My Super Sweet Sixteen' which features spoiled brats throwing a massive birthday party. I was channel surfing earlier and the show was on--the following is what made me nearly vomit before turning it off: "At my birthday, I really want to stand out, so I'm buying a blingin' watch to get noticed." A sixteen year old does NOT need a Rolex. I oughta puke in your face, you little bastard. "My parents bought me a $100, 000 car." *Dry heaves*- McDiablo

yes, all. - ok

My super sweet 16- nonamed


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