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What is the weirdest/strangest thing you've seen a neighbour do and did you discuss it with them afterwards?
Or maybe you're the weird/strange neighbour - if so what have you done to earn that title?

Generally I am the weird one, but where I use to live there was this old hunched backed lady that lived next door. The hump in her back was pretty fucking hilarious but what she did was even was even more comical. Every morning and evening about six she would come outside with her cat on leash and go in to her yard. Her yard was a fenced 10x12 plot of weeds, she would proceed to the edge of this land and begin the laborious task of dragging her cat twice about her yard. The cat would scream and moan and pull and scratch but it didn't deter her on her goal of dragging that cat in to some exercise. She would do this so often that a worn out path of dirt formed in her yard and when ever it rained she would pull that cat through the mud. One day I did ask her about the purpose of leasing her cat and "walking" it and she said "that some one might steal her precious sweetie if she let it off the leash and pussy just loves to be walked just look at him purr" he was growling like a demon. Might I add that this cat was a dingy off white, "fat as my thanksgiving turkey" Persian that seemed to have just one big mat of fur and its eyes constantly leaked a yellow matter. No one would even touch it let alone steal it, but hey who am I to judge. - If I only had a navel....

When I was growing up in Montreal two ladies moved in next door...I was about 13. One summers day I was in the kitchen making KoolAid when I spotted them out the window. Both in bikini's rubbing lotion on one another. I was shocked ! Then they began to kiss and ended up in the pool with their bikini's flung over the ladder. Perhaps not the strangest story but man...I remember it clearly Strangest is probably...watching a neighbour vacuum their yard - Poptart

Good Answer AwardI saw my neighbor squash a frog with a bat, and throw it on some dudes lawn.- F8AL80

I live on a court, and at the entrance of our street is a house with a HUGE red and white YingYang sign above their front door...on a blue house. The whitest, redneck fam on the block...and thats above their door... o.o ... We don't discuss much...- TheBubble

well my neighbor caught me peeing on her sunflowers and bathing in her rabbits end trails. so she yelled at me in her spic language. (whatever one it may be) and ever since we have been having a bottle feud. it is quite intense. but i am winning. MWAHAHAHAAA! that troll and her seven children never had a chance.- illeatyofuckinfaceoff

Good Answer AwardOne of my neighbors when I was growing up had a leaf-blower fetish and would, without fail, blow the leaves, non-existant and existing ones alike, off of his deck every Saturday morning from 10am to noon. I never talked to him about it because it was far too amusing to watch how serious he got. And I was also afraid that he'd throw gutter gunk at me, because he cleaned his gutters out every Saturday from noon - 2pm. - oxie-licious

Good Answer AwardI was asked about playing baseball with cans of diet pepsi, paintball fights....using slingshots, target practice in the back yard with a gun that shoots plastic bb's..apparently having a sniper scope on a bb gun was too weird, folding the seat down and sleeping partially in the trunk of the car...the top part of my body was in the trunk, apparently somebody thought I had a dead was me,- duh I forgot my name

i did not discuss this but it was realy weird and cool at the same time. my neighbor down the street put the engine of a 1982 stingray (Chevrolet Corvette) into a 1938 Volkswagen Beetle- Ishkabilly

well... i have this weird obsession with washing my driveway. my neighbors always stare at me with these weird expressions. like theyve just seen jesus dead on my front door. i dont know why though..- wickedsweetretards

well id say im the weird/strange neighbour, for the fact i threatend to stab 25 people with rusty spoon for hybids called sporks that ive constructed out of used knifes and toilet paper, it was a 3 year period because i couldent use my mums silverware and people tend to fluch used toilet paper, OH and of the 25 i have streatend i stabed 30, well i didnt threaten 5 of them people i stabbed.- Insaneone

I put my cigarettes out on the little shit next door, does that count. Oh and believe me I'v had to discuss it with it's parents more than once. And let me tell you, if they would keep their little brat quiet it would solve the problem for them and for me.- Missattitudz

Good Answer AwardI used to have a neighbor who, every morning, stood behind their fully open window, totally naked, and drank coffee. It was about six to seven in the morning, but he actually used to do it. It's even more disturbing because it's true. o.0- Streak9

I was either too young to remember this or I wasn't born yet, but my parents said the man who used to live across the street would throw pieces of wood on the street with nails poking through. Why? People used to street race on my street and he did that so they would pop their tires. I find that really funny. I wish he still lived there, him and his wife were nice people *reminisces*- McDiablo

I saw my neighbor Monte passed out in his back yard while his two small ankle biter dogs licked his balls. when i showed the video i had taken he asked to borrow some peanut butter and asked for a copy of the tape.- iamzbob

Good Answer Awardi've seen my neighbor walk around the lake talking to ducks and telling them his problems....disturbing...- hailthekid18.

A broom up the asshole.- loser without a name

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