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Last month we were all given an extra day. (It was leap year and we got a Feb 29th.) Did you do anything exciting with this extra day, take a leap of any sort, tell anyone else to take a leap or celebrate someone's birthday?

Good Answer AwardI acted normal. I thought to my self “what is something that should be done only every four years?” and I thought “normality!” I woke up and had eggs and toast instead of going to McDonalds and demanding enchiladas for breakfast. I wore jeans instead of these very fashionable maternity muumuus, I'm not pregnant but hey they're comfortable. And the rest of the day was so boring I quite forgot what I did. It had a lot of being nice to people and not talking to myself/singing in public. And getting to places on time rather then going late and coming up with crazy excuse as to why I am tardy. I am glad that day was over it was horrendously unexciting and make me realize why I am such a freak; because I have so much fun!!!- If I only had a navel....

I did nothing exciting, in fact I didn't even realize it was a leap sad is that?- Poptart

I was leaping all over my mom's newly planted lawn full of dog shizz. Yeap. Now its even worse than it was!- F8AL80

I spent the day trying to remember why February 29th sounded so different.- TheBubble

Good Answer Awardwell i went downtown wiff a bunch of my minions and we went around town in masks and bikinis. then we saved the world from being eaten by zombie eating nail clippers. i know that the zombie nail clippers sound good cos they eat zombies right? well in reality there arent many zombies in this world. so theyd kill everyone then turn us into zombies then would eat us. thus killing everyone twice. so youre welcome.- illeatyofuckinfaceoff

Good Answer AwardI actually proposed to my boyfriend. Because historically, leap day is the only day that women are allowed to propose to men. I guess that was taking a leap. And instead of giving him some dumb ring, I recorded him a CD of me singing songs, covers and originals, that described my love for him. It was a really stupid idea. I only did it because it was the correct day to do that. And now I remember how much our relationship sucks. And he's excited to marry me. And now I don't know what to do. Maybe I will leap off the top of the building.- lame nickname

I bet this whole extra day thing was the grand prize for that dancing bit. What a ripoff, give me money!- ringing water bottle

my birthday was on the 14th.....just another day to wake up and go to work.....though it was a good reason to go out and buy more bread and peanut butter feeding ducks bread covered in peanut butter is funny- duh I forgot my name

for some odd reason.... i cant remember a thing from the date of February 2nd to March 2nd (2008)... stupid radiation chambers- Ishkabilly

i jumped off a bridge. well you see... i was sitting on the edge of this toolbench when i decided i wanted to go talk with an old hobo. so i got up and before i knew it there was an old man with a pole up his ass on a bridge. sooooo i walked over to him and asked him why he had a pole up his ass. he took it out of his ass then stole my ass with it. (that means i got hit in the face in black people lingo.) then when i awoke later there was a crazy muppet man. i got so angry i threw him off of the bridge. when i was done listening to him scream in horror i jumped off the bridge to save him. then i remembered that i cant swim. sooo i used him as a floatation device. he died. but i lived. the end.- wickedsweetretards

i fell off my bed does that count as a leap, from the bed to the floor?- Insaneone

Good Answer AwardTook a leap, broke a leg, learned a lesson.- Missattitudz

Well, me and my family are obsessive believer's of "leap magic" (In no way associated with the Cult of Leap Year.). Basically, it makes people jump really high, yes, it's that fantastic. So, anyway, my sister "leaped" off the cliff towards the other side, unfortunately, she didn't make it. Yeah, that's what I told the police, too.- Streak9

Good Answer AwardI can't even remember what I did. It's like my memory was's like the day never happened at all! Did it even happen? Or was the day lost to time, sucked into a black hole of oblivion? One could go a little nutty thinking about stuff like that. I guess that's why I'm in a straight jacket. Don't ask how I type while I'm wearing one, it might cause your head to explode.- McDiablo

Well seeing as its Black History month I didn't make any blacks leap from the gallows. - iamzbob

no. its just a stupid excuse to extend february and make losers who hapened to be born the 29th feel special because they get to celebrate their birthday the same day they were born.- hailthekid18

Killed a midget.- loser without a name

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