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There is a debate going on at InsaneTalk over if Darth Vader is a waffle or pancake man.
(Well ok only McDiablo and JCP are discussing it but still, it counts.)
What is your opinion on this
intriguing subject and does the thought of Vader wearing adult diapers under his cape disturb or offend you in any way, or make you giggle?
What if it was the
Emperor wearing the adult diapers - THEN is it offensive or merely amusing?

Um he eats neither French toast is the food for evil people come on get your facts straight! And adult diapers? Does some one have a creepy fantasy of what Darth Vader is wearing under that cape? AND obviously fantasizing about the emperor too... Oh la la very dirtay!- If I only had a navel....

Good Answer AwardVader wearing adult diapers under his cape is a necessity, YOU try getting out of all that gear to take a crap !? - Poptart

Darth Vader is a waffle man. def. Pancakes take too long to cook when he's on the run/has the runs:-). He wears diapers when has the runs so that it wont smudge on his clean tie fighter's seat. The emperor though would be amusing. He had the force to keep it in. Force push in his out hole.Yee- F8AL80

Good Answer AwardI think waffle. Nevermind the taste, a waffle could kick a pancakes ass. I don't think Darth Vader wants some flimsy, pansy ass pancake.- TheBubble

alright first off.. youre both wrong. Darth Vader is a toaster strudel. and he HAS to wear adult diapers so his filling doesnt get all over his cape. so i dont find that a laughing matter. i mean if you were a toaster strudel and you wore a cape how would you deal wiff your filling getting everywhere? but the emperor is a human so its hilarious. - illeatyofuckinfaceoff

DUDe, PANCAKES...he's too stuck up for waffles. Well if he was wearing adult diapers, you can unfortunatly tell too easily he is full of shit......if the emperor was wearing diapers it wouldn't suprise me, what politician isn't full of shit- duh I forgot my name

hes probably wearing one of those medical piss bags because think about it... how much of him was burnt off. how the hell does he go piss?!- Ishkabilly

No you must never giggle haven't you ever read the Emperor's New Clothes? Only stupid people laughed becasue only the smart people saw his invisible clothes or something!- oxie-licious

darth vader wearing giggle. if you gotta go, you gotta go. id even go so far as to go out and get him his own depends adult diapers. darth vader is more of a crepe man. he's from france, didnt you know? well as for the emporer if i dont have to smell his nasty ass then i dont care where or when he shits himself.- wickedsweetretards

Good Answer Awardi belive that darthvader is a falawful people becasue ONE hes in a black outfit he probly dosent even like, TWO he lost his hand as a teen, Three he KILLED people he knew, so obviously he must feel awful alot therefor hes a Falawul man, and yes he wears adult diapers who dosent these days its alot easier then rushingto the bathroom for a piss break,althou those dont work too well if they are full, heh and they smell after a day or two, one sec while i take a FUCK they are leaking again, well i gotta go change my bed covers now buy-bye and i hope you fel the same i do about darthvaders food needs.- Insaneone

Adult diapers are like retarded kids, they take all the shit from grown-ups.- Missattitudz

Good Answer AwardLet's face it, adult diapers are funny. I mean, it goes without saying. I can't wait to get old and wear some of my own. In the meantime, I can wear those pads that are meant for "weak bladder protection." Poise! Tena! Yeah! A-hem. Anyway, I still think Vader would eat pancakes. He would probably make shapes out of them, like a Death Star pancake, and create a giant battle scene out of pancakes. I'm sure there's an artistic side to him that we never really did get to see.- McDiablo

My friend Lucas P O'rielly Malley is the son of Darth and says he's actually jewish and prefers bagels with shmear.- iamzbob

lol...i think hes a waffle guy(belgian waffles to be specific) and i would giggle if he wears adult diapers...teeheehee- hailthekid18

Who the fuck cares. Get a life.- loser without a name

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