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For some bizarre reason, you enter a dance contest. After minutes of dancing like a complete freak, you're told that you somehow won the GRAND prize. They tell you it's a fabulous prize, even though it's NOT cash or valuable gems of any sort. What do you think the prize will be and do you plan on telling everyone you know that you won this contest?

Well obviously it was some bizarre scheme meant to kidnap me brilliantly plotted out by the creepy man that watches me every day behind his puce colored drapes. The prize would entail walking his cat because every kidnapper wants their kidnapee to do that and file their bunions. I only have come to this conclusion because if I was dancing the only prize I could win was a free trip to the local insane asylum.- If I only had a navel....

A 10-steps book on how to dominate the world.- madtrash137

Good Answer AwardSome trip to Cuba but you have to pay all the taxes and surcharges so it actually ends up costing you about $1000. Plus while there your room gets broken into and all your stuff is stolen, including your passport. Unable to prove who you are you spend just over 4 months in a brutal Cuban jail before being released.- Poptart

The prize is for bravery in dancing. I would tell everyone that it is hella rare and they suck so they can't get one! - F8AL80

Good Answer AwardThe only thing important here is that I rocked my socks off with skill at that dance contest and that's why I won!- TheBubble

GRAVEY! because everyone who likes freaky dancers think the freaky dancers like gravey. but theyre wrong! actually us "freaky dancers" first off like to be called fruitbooting nits. and then we like sardines wiff mustard. hhh shows what those judges know. also we fruitbooting nits always brag obsessively about out winnings of dance contests.- illeatyofuckinfaceoff

Oh man please tell me it's NOT the whole 'satisfactino of doing well' thing. I can't take that to the bank now can I? Why do you think I entered this competition anyway??- oxie-licious

enough aqua-net hairspay to launch 300 potatoes out of a home made cannon, and yeah, I'll admit I was waving my arms around flamingly while somehow accidentally knocking out the rest of the contestants- duh I forgot my name

like always i have some sort of weapon on me for "personal defense". but in this case i think i might have to use it for that reason. if it truly was a dance contest and i was the worst dancing person out there. then my only hunch would be that their plan would to be remove the bad dancers of the world... bring it on >:D- Ishkabilly

they would give meee.... a picture of jesus dry humping a frog with a hippo in the backround eating other dryhumping jesus frogs. i would kick my shoes off in a fit of joy, kick someone in the face, which kills them. then later that night when its on the news and theyre interviewing me i would tell EVERYONE that i won the dance contest and that i killed that person. "sorry." id say bluntly. and then id show them my jesus dry humping a frog picture, i would be censored then i would be arrested.....but i would be the best freaky dancer in prison. and when they asked what i thought about going to prison id answer "im young my ass can take it."- wickedsweetretards

i would be proud to tell them i won a barrel of used condoms id share them with everone ofcourse, such as friends and family members, it would be a glorious day in my life, i would even share them with you guys Just to show how much ive missed the Insanedomain.- Insaneone

Good Answer AwardWho wouldn't tell everyone they know that they won a dance contest......I think the prize will be ultimate power, or the ability to hypnotize chickens......they're kinda the same thing but whatever. Either would be cool. Unless it's a f*&^%ng trophy, f*&k trophies.- Missattitudz

Good Answer AwardA lifetime's supply of Jell-O! Every month, they'll deliver a truckload of it to my doorstep, and I'll slowly stock-pile it until the end of the world in 2012! Then who will have an assload of Jell-O to live off of? I'll tell everyone I know once I'm the only one with Jell-O left!- Streak9

Good Answer AwardI bet the prize would be a trip to some godforsaken place, like Red Deer. I have driven through Red Deer and it looked strangely like Langley, BC, except everything was flipped around. I think it's Langley's very own Shelbyville (like from the Simpson's). Being sent to such a place would drive me mad, OR I would do silly things to avoid going completely crazy. Since winning the contest, I would no longer feel self-conscious about dancing and would give the citizens of Red Deer a performance they won't soon forget. I would dance while crossing the street, dance in grocery stores, and bust a badass move in an elementary school playground. Unless they have dance police and/or are offended by my wonderous movements, they should feel priviledged to view my graceful and gut-wrenchingly beautiful moves.- McDiablo

An all expenced paid trip to Neverland Ranch With Micheal and his PRETTY lil boys. Only after I have pictures from the Ranch.- iamzbob

i think this prize is a free ticket to kill whoever i want without being arrested. i would definitely tell everyone...especially that little prick thats about to die...muahahaha....- hailthekid18

A box of shit.- loser without a name

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