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Do you collect anything, either obsessively or not? And if not, why the hell not?
(Comic books, mp3s, desktop wallpapers, your own snot, Star Wars figures, alien abduction stories.)

Good Answer AwardRainbow items. I gotta have my gay pride so everything I buy I try to get in rainbow. I have shoes, dresses, jewelry, my cat, my computer, buttons, wristbands, my bedroom door, my nails, ribbon, music, my ceiling, my little brother, stickers, purses, and my tombstone and coffin will be in rainbow engraved with R.A.L. (Rest as A Lesbian)! And I collect Skittle bags like I use toilet paper. In the past month I have eaten nearly 60+ bags of skittles, I love to taste the rainbow, rainbow is a necessity in my life. GAY PRIDE all the way baby!!- If I only had a navel....

Good Answer AwardOnce I heard the sperm donor clinic down the street was offering $50 a pop I began collecting my own samples. I have a sock under my bed worth about $1200...- Poptart

I obsessively collect soda can tops. At first it was for making a chain. Now its obsessive and I have enough to make a 10 foot chain- F8AL80

I'm an ex-wishing troll collector. Yeah, I still have like 200 up in the rents attic. Just don't have the heart to throw those precious little fuzzy creatures that haunt my dreams away. I even had one on a see through race car that lit up and rode around in circles. Sweet.- TheBubble

i collect box mans pubic hairs. cardboard pubic hair is quite hard to find in the black market. so im better then jap babies in a buger king. - illeatyofuckinfaceoff

Good Answer AwardI collect debt. No, really. Like, it just gathers and gathers. I keep digging myself deeper and deeper. And it's not because I'm bad with money. Oh no. I don't purchase anything that I don't need to survive. And when I do purchase the necessities, they're usually on sale for dirt cheap. It's just that I am really stupid and have no common sense and really bad luck on top of it sometimes. For example, my car broke down while I was out of town on business. My car was a large Chevy van that I used to live in. And in the van was my whole life. A bed and many of my belongings. It broke down in a parking lot of a gas station. I had to PUSH it into a parking spot and leave it there. And then donate it to some charity organization. But I had to get all of the stuff out of it and then drive myself home somehow. So I rented a UHaul to put everything in. But I just BARELY had enough money to cover the cost of the UHaul. So when they asked if I wanted to buy the insurance, I had to say no. So I was just extremely careful. I got it all the way home. Then I was going to pull it into my driveway and unload. Over my driveway is an awning. UHauls are taller than vans. SO NOW I HAVE TO PAY TO FIX THE ROOF, AND TO FIX THE UHAUL. I collect debt.- lame nickname

ummm, I collect computers, computer equiptment, and sometimes the kind that people don't know why I need, like barcode scanners, credit card swipers, Cisco 2600 router, cisco access points.....and linux- duh I forgot my name

I don't collect anything any more after my coin collection got melted in a house fire.... over 400k worth in ancient coins and notes.... T.T - Ishkabilly

paint swatches. i really do...- wickedsweetretards

sadly i only have alitte over 1k mp3 files, and thats becasue i was a DJ, if i had the time to collect a bazillion of them trust me i would and you would know becasue my ass would be plasterd all over the record books. and maybe your front lawn too!!- Insaneone

Left hands, I collect left hands....and yes.....that sould make you very uncomfortable.- Missattitudz

Good Answer AwardHa! Collecting is for people with sanity, which I don't have. Have fun with your mindless collecting of things!- Streak9

Good Answer AwardI collect as much useless information as my mind can bear. I haven't even come close to filling my quota. If you want to know some obscure pop culture reference, it's all in my head. It's so bad that a friend of mine can go, "I can't remember the name of this movie. There's some guy in it..." and I might say something like, "Hot Fuzz?" and that friend will be like, "Yeah! That's it!" Yes, from collecting useless info to mind reading. I am full of awesome talents.- McDiablo

Womens hands.- iamzbob

i collect piercings. i currently have 9 piercings and i want more.- hailthekid18

Assorted lengths of wire.- loser without a name

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