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What if you woke up one day and discovered that your left arm was missing?
(No blood, no open wound, just a stump at your shoulder where your arm once was.)

Look in the space between my bed and the wall. That's where my books and glasses always wind up.- Windy

Good Answer AwardKind of like in the Montey Python Meaning of life movie when the british soldier awoke with a missing leg and the surgeon suggested a mosquito took it. Then admitted it must have been a Tiger, and it turned out to be two guys in a tiger suit.- LittleJohn

Luckily I am right handed.- Bella

Good Answer Awardthat would be straight up fucked up and i would get some silly puddy and make a new arm- waldo

I'd wonder what happened. - reddfrogg

I would kinda cry. - buttface

I would try to jerk off with it. Oops! I'm right handed. Aw, heck, I'd try anyway!- Cessna

Iwould wonder if I ever had a left arm and if I didn't, why am I feeling as if it was missing all of a sudden? - little member

i'd say ... a tiger? in africa?????- ergott

I'd jack off with the stump- Cessna

Good Answer AwardI'd be pretty sad since I'm not very coordinated with two arms, let alone one.- Mel

Good Answer AwardI would shit myself then build myself a robotic arm.- NIKKI

Good Answer AwardThis is obviously a trick question. This is in fact, the plot of Clue 2. And I happen to know the answer. It was Colonel Deli in the castration farm with the hate filled celebrities. Where's my prize? - BlatantlyIgnorant

In hospital? An institution? If not I would say I am asleep right now, with a left arm already missing.- Dirty Dingus McGee

I'd be in a pile of shit as I'm left handed.- vin

Freak- danandmei

Good Answer AwardI would scream, fall silent for a moment and consider the possibility that maybe it's a dream, continue screaming when that possibility has been ruled out, and then spend the rest of the say mourning the loss of my ability to successfully play video games.- Rinn

I'll be depressed- MCR

Good Answer AwardThat....would be my worst nightmare come true. My left arm is all I've got! I have a gimped right arm now so ol' Lefty does all the hard work for me. To be without my left arm would be horrible. I wouldn't be able to do a lot of things on my own. I...would have to ASK people for HELP. Fuck that. An armless ninja is an unemployed ninja!- McDiablo

I got one more to fap with.- Co3

Good Answer AwardI would immediatly call on the help of my friends, the angry korean grocery man, the senile old lady, the high deities and my always lucky, lucky rainbow umbrella named annie and together we would began our legendary quest to find my left arm. We would battle long and hard with the unruly forces of traffic, desacrate the land of medical professials and then we would reach the root of the evil, the over zealous correnor who thought my arm was part of his cadaver whick cowincidently was missing a left arm and in order to rule all of the refrigerated world of the deep below he had to have my left arm. So he snuck in to my house, gave me heavy narcotics, so I wouldn't feel pain, then cut off my arm and cuaterized the skin so it look like it was an old wound and if I said my arm was there yesterday everyone would just say I was crazy. But I was to smart and with lucky rainbow umbrella Annie as our shield the angry korean grocery man, the senile old lady, and I fought out way though the vats of formaldehyde he threw at us and with the help of the high deites and their miraculous miracles we vanquished the evil over zealous correnor and reacttached my arm. Which even to this day remains indestructable in memory of our legendary quest. And that is what I would do if I found that my left arm was missing. - If I only had a navel....

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