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A TV commercial insists that leaving behind a bathroom odour is THE worst thing EVER.
Do you agree in any way, or do you think there are far worse things than that - and if so, what are those things?

There are far worse things than that. Like being drawn and quartered. And unrequited love.- Windy

Good Answer AwardHow about violent crimes? I can't believe anyone would think a bad smell might be worse than a vicious Beating, Rape, Torture, and Murder. What Kind of fool wrote that, was it a teenage girls fasion magazine or something? I suppose you can't easily sell a bathroom product to cover that sort of thing up so they stick with what they know.- LittleJohn

Farting in public. Being caught in a lie. - Bella

far worse things like burning babies and drowning small children- waldo

Good Answer Awarddying from burn injuries - reddfrogg

NO, having breath that smells like left behind bathroom doesn't get much worse than that. - buttface

Good Answer AwardI think that leaving a steaming turd on the bathroom floor would be worse.- Cessna


I left this odour one time, phew! you couldn't go in there for a week. It was at someones house that was having a party and it was their only bathroom. Needless to say I left before I got thrown out.- little member

in the same vane .... stale old person pee or death shit... make that death in general- ergott

Good Answer AwardMy wife and I get such a kick out of farting that I cannot agree with that commercial. It's free, is in no way harmful, it's not a sin (I don't think so, anyway), and it's a lot of fun. Mine smell great, her's smell like crude oil. Isn't that always the way?- Cessna

Good Answer AwardWhile bathroom odors are unpleasant and embarassing, there are far worse things. Like claiming to be an institution of higher learning, yet still misspelling words and misusing apostrophes. Oh, also the higher ups at my work are way worse than potty smells. They're incompetent, stuck up, ass kissing morons that can't seem to find their butt with both hands.- Mel

toilet odour- sanju

The smell of ketchup and finding hair in your food.- NIKKI

Good Answer AwardBathrooms smell. That's what they do. If you really want to encounter something unpleasant, try spending your 18th birthday wondering if today will be the day your father finally goes insanse and kills all your family before offing himself, whilst simultaneously hiding from your rapist/stalker, who keeps insisting this time will be different, and juggling a stagnant social life with your constantly widening ass. At that point, bathroom odour becomes the enjoyable part of your day. - BlatantlyIgnorant

I would say a reverse kanga is far worse.- Dirty Dingus McGee

Leaving an odour and not flushing is worse.- vin

Losing someone you love!- danandmei

Have these people never eaten college food? Or smelled it?- dragon water

vomiting not showering- MCR

Good Answer AwardDidn't George Carlin (RIP) say that everyone thinks their own farts smell good? Is leaving a rancid, eye-watering stench really the worst thing one can do to another human being? I can think of worse things: castration, flaying, stabbing, female genital mutilation, bombing, shooting, eye gouging, amputation, disco dancing...the list goes on and on.- McDiablo

I disagree. You could leave behind chemical 'odours' and induce much worse results.- Co3

um no the odor is hardly anything its when the dumbass leaves the shit still floating in the bowl that is the worst and then when you tell him how disgusting he is he actually takes pride in the fact that you found his crap and was so revolted. Flush the damn toliet moron!! Only retarded kids and irregular elderly have any right to be proud of what they shat. - If I only had a navel....

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