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What if aliens grew on trees?

Good Answer AwardThen they would not, in fact be aliens. They would be perfectly terrestrial organisms. Unless of course the trees are on another planet.- Windy

Good Answer AwardWhat makes you thing that aliens don't already grow on trees? Maybe thats exactly how they grow on their own weird alien worlds. They fall to the ground and can only remember that they came down to their world at birth and therefore think they came from outer space so they build space programs and search the universe for their place of origin. When they get to earth they conduct weird anal probes looking for clues as to who their birth parents were. You see, its all just a big misunderstanding. - LittleJohn

If a master race, plant more trees. If ignorant or pains the in the ass...cut the trees down.- Bella

that would be wicked awesome- waldo

I'd see if I could make money from an alien orchard - reddfrogg

Does that make them fruits? - buttface

I would eat them- Cessna


What if women believed in free love? Just another outrageous insane fantasy I suppose. (They're all whores, in case you didn't know.) - little member

what if the last question on an insane questionary was something better?- ergott

what, you mean they don't?!!!- Cessna

What if?! What if leaves are actually a type of alien? Ooooh, I'd collect them in a jar and keep it on my bedroom shelf, only bringing it out to show my favorite guests.- Mel

Awesome.- NIKKI

Good Answer AwardWe wouldn't know it, since it was on an alien planet that this tree growing occurred. However, this might make them able to turn sunlight into food, in which case humanity is really in trouble. THe cold germ won't be able to save our pathetic race now. On the other hand, this may also make them a delicious and nutritious source of Vitamin C. There's only one way to find out. - BlatantlyIgnorant

Trees on earth? That would make them NOT aliens. Fruit grows on trees. So do thousands of trees. But not aliens, they are from other planets....or Mexico.- Dirty Dingus McGee

what do you mean what if?- vin

That would be good. That means they can be harvested and used as a new energy source.- danandmei

We would be having aliens' smoothies.- MCR

Good Answer AwardThen the whole Adam and Eve story would be wiggity wack. Let's think about this: What if, instead of eating a forbidden apple, Eve got down and and dirty with one of the tree aliens? Imagine what the world would be like if that had occurred. Are aliens and UFOs actually an illusion created by Satan in order to make us FEEL like we are not alone in the universe...but we actually are? Holy shit...that EVIL BASTARD.- McDiablo

Then they wouldn't be aliens.- Co3

Good Answer AwardI would begin to wonder what else could grow on trees but was told that was not possible because the thought to of it was impossible. And I would assume that is where babies really come from not from a stork and that is where love comes from and not from the heart and that is where twinkies come from not from a fully mechanical, entirely robot operated factory. As I thought about I more I would start to believe that whole world grew on a tree and was not divinely created or started from a big bang, those theories don't make any sense at all but if aliens had the sense to grow on trees then or world would most definately have the sense to grow on a tree too. Then I would think about it some more and realize that aliens could not be aliens if they grew on trees because trees are of this world not of an alien world and I would have wasted nearly 5 whole minutes of my life thinking about it. Oh well it was fun. - If I only had a navel....



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