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What do you wish your special skills and talents were, and do you think you'd be able to make money off of them?


Good Answer AwardI'd like to have the skill to read minds and the talent to manipulate people into doing what I want them to do for me and to think it's their own idea. The two kind of go together. Sure I'd make lots of money taking advantage of people this way, but the most important thing would be all the hot chicks I could score with- back hair guy.

Playing piano and guitar, and YES- Assface

you cant make money as an artist unless youre dead or youre already rich- whizzy

drowning people, then leading the cops astray into thinking it was the mean ripcurrents that did it with my vast and unnatural knowledge of tidal patterns....- sock doc

Masturbating and making sock monkeys. I thought we discussed this.- iamzbob

fuck whatever girl I wanted when I wanted and no, I wouldn't make money but I'd be happy- Ram

fly ability and only by not needin petrol etc...- fartface

to guess ppls ages and i wouldn't want to sully the experience with commerce- clownassasin

Fuck Buddy. Oh hell yes.- Spoungeworthy

Uh...I am definitely NOT an assassin skilled in the art of knife fighting. Or throat slitting. Or ninja-ing. No way. And I definitely don't get paid after completing The reverse psychology isn't working, is it?- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardI wish I could reaed people's thoughts. Who cares about money, I know all secrets.- iamzbob

*Transforming flying powahs and pwns Bill Clinton* *Takes his wallet* Lololoo- Chibi

Perfect aim, both still and moving objects, throwing anything I can get my hands on. Money? Think of all the pub bets!- IchoseThis

Prostitution, yes.- G-Rod

Good Answer AwardI would like to have the ability of Chronovision. I define that as the ability to see across distance in the fourth dimension (time). You could imagine the financial, political, and societal power to be gained by reading tomorrows, next weeks, or next years newspapers. I could see the combination to bank vaults, the passwords to sensitive computor files, you name it. Of course I would use this power for the benifit of mankind and not for personal gain. Yeah right! I'd be the king of the world and all of humanity would be my slaves.- Pete the rat

i already learn fast... so any other special skills??? wait... your asking a question for them again!!! YOU'LL NEVER GET ME TO TELL YOU! NEVER!- Ishkabilly

I wish I could mind control monkeys. I'd use them to rob banks.- Archbishop Shaggy

I would love to have the talent of a concert pianist. I guess they make pretty good money at it. I'd much rather fly for a living anyway, but you asked about a special skill you WISH you had, not one you have.- cessna

Good Answer AwardI wish I could blow people's brains up with my mind. This seems a worthwhile trait, as I could get people to pay me to NOT blow their head up. Not to mention, the last eight years of presidential stupidity would have been easily avoided. - SulkingforSewage

Good Answer AwardI wish I could turn fat into gold. The whole money making part just answers itself. Thousands of trans fatties would flock to my door. I'd split the profit 50-50, and retire at age 25. And accomplish my dream of owning a diamond studded plunger. - BongHitsforJesus

You know what to be completely honest i love to sing and dance and do many things that i am capable to do and whomever does not see that in you clearly they do not what had hit them cause whatever you have to do you can do it.- Tt

I wish i could fly, hell yeah id make money off that- Faggot.

Good Answer AwardShitting money. Yeah. Money = money, so that would make money.- Orange

comedy. no, I wouldn't make money. Just friends.- msgalaxy

i can kinda sing... i'd love to be able to make money doing it- mrs. stout

I wish I were a nauseatingly good portrait artist.- rotten


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