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When was the last time you've seen someone at the side of the road (or in a parking lot) puking their guts out,
and did you stop to help or just laugh at them as you went by? Have YOU ever been that person?


I've been that person a few times and that's why it's ok for me to laugh at them as I drive by. There was this one time I saw a guy drive his car off the road into the snow and got it stuck, then he got out and stumbled towards me to ask for help but I took off and left him there. It was the middle of the night on a rural road miles from the nearest house, Ha ha ha ha ha.- back hair guy

Ah, never- Assface

laugh as long as theyre not dying, and yes i have been that person- whizzy

everyday at my work we got a cook who drinks to much. I laugh at him.- iamzbob

Just laugh and yes, I've been that person.- Ram

never been or seen that person n wouldnt help or laugh, jus drive off- fartface

I'm not talking to you or Tim anymore.- Hutch

Cant remember and cant remember- clownassasin

Yes I've been that person...last time I saw it was probably 10 years ago...a local television identity was having a hack while walking thru a carpark- Spoungeworthy

Good Answer AwardI have been that person! My friends and I were driving along a very traffic heavy road and, let me tell you, a brownie and orange pop do NOT mix. I learned the hard way. So, my friend promptly pulled over when I made my, "I think I'm going to puke" announcement and I ran out of the car and threw up behind an electrical box. At least I had some privacy...but I bet someone drove by and yelled, "HA HA" in Nelson's voice. Actually, that probably would have added some humour to the situation. I still drive by that spot and say, "Ha, I puked there once. Good times."- McDiablo

I saw a whore puke cause his john forced it in all at once, and thats all I have to say about that.- iamzbob


I have never seen this. In my country, it is considered irresponsible to drink and drive. Taxis are expensive, sure, but they're a hell of a lot cheaper than a criminal record, or indeed your life.- IchoseThis

Both and a half.- G-Rod

I've never seen someone puking their guts out, because I don't have a habit of going to places where drunks like to hang out. I have never been that person. I'm not going to do it. I'd rather not lose brain cells from drinking enough to make it happen.- missidiot

I've been that person more times than I've seen others. I'm just glad the homeowner whose lawn I puked on didn't call the cops on me. It took me quite a while before I could move on and leave the scene.- Pete the rat

seen people like that today. was like that last Tuesday.- Ishkabilly

Good Answer AwardI saw one a couple nights ago. I felt bad for him, he looked lonely, so I joined him.- Archbishop Shaggy

Good Answer AwardWhat could I possibly do to help? The last time I saw someone puke I was flying with an instructor to get checked out in a new airplane. He had had a rough night and the air was a little bumpy. He ralphed in a plastic bag and threw it out the window!- cessna

The last time I saw someone puking their guts out, it wasn't a metaphor. No worries though, it's all going according to plan. - SulkingforSewage

No cause i have never expierenced that and i dont think i am ready to face that in the future but technically you cannot puke your guts out cause someone did a book on that and that is fairly impossible- Tt

Never. But i have been that person puking up on the side of the road- Faggot.

Dunno. Sounds entertaining.- Orange

Can't remember. I have never been that person.- msgalaxy

i've been that person, but i don't think i've ever seen someone else doing it- mrs. stout

When I lived in Boston, college bro-dudes would be puking outside all the time from the overdose of slippery-nipple shots.- rotten


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