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Do you consider yourself to be a paranoid person - if so, how paranoid are you?
- and if not, WHY not, seeing as the world is obviously plotting against you?


Good Answer AwardJust because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get me. I'm only slightly paranoid because I can usually talk myself into believing that everyone is out to get me only for their own selfish reasons and not because they really hate me or anything. I figure if people really were seriously interested in ruining my life then they would be doing a better job than they are. The way I look at it my life could be worse but people aren't working hard enough to make it so. So I'm taking up their slack and doing everything I can think of to screw myself over every chance I get.- back hair guy

PLEASE- Assface

pretty paranoid but not insane- whizzy

how do u know i'm paranoid???? who told you that???? it's lies, all lies, everyone is always lying about me!!!!!! mommmeeee!!!!!!!!! *goes and locks all the doors and hides under the bed*- sock doc

only paranoid when on drugs and then it is massive.- iamzbob

You're one of them aren't you?- Ram

no cos i cant b arsed to be- fartface

I'm not paranoid and WHY ARE you asking me these questions?- Hutch

no,seems the forces are working in my favour- clownassasin

Good Answer AwardNo not paranoid...why not? I think if you think the world is out to get you it means that deep down you feel fiarly significant and possibly a threat to the world...I'm not that arrogant...- Spoungeworthy

Yes, I'd say that I am. I find it weird when I drive along a busy road and see houses with large windows and NO curtains. Like, I can see them eating dinner or vacuuming or exercising. The hell? I rarely open the blinds in my room. When I'm home alone, I close all the curtains. I must look like a crazy recluse, but I don't like feeling prying eyes when I'm by myself. I always think I'm being watched. I look over my shoulder in my own house. I think I have...a problem...- McDiablo

No I'm good.- iamzbob


not paranoid at all. except when I read into relationship issues way too much, expect the worst, then waste time preparing for it.- IchoseThis

Who are you to ask me questions? What do you want? Please don't kill me!- G-Rod

Good Answer AwardNo, I'm not really paranoid. THEY'RE COMING!!! I choose to see things in a generally positive and/or violent. IT'S A CONSPIRACY! I just find it hard to believe that anyone would want to plot against me. I THINK I'M BEING FOLLOWED!! How could anyone want to kill me? DID I SAY KILL?!! WHO? WHERE? You see, I'm just perfectly normal.- missidiot

Good Answer AwardI didn't think I was paranoid, but since you bring it up I guess it's not just my imagination. I've always suspected evil intentions of others towards me just for their own amusement. You say the world is obvioiusly plotting against me and that is the evidence I needed to prove the fact. I can now begin my plan of revenge and intimidation and bring down the whole conspiracy one person at a time. I'll get back to you when I begin achieving results.- Pete the rat

even if i was paranoid i wouldn't say anything because that would be even more information they could use against me! and who gave you the right to ask that question any way!? are you in on it with THEM?!?!?!?!?- Ishkabilly

Good Answer AwardI am not paranoid, but lots of paranoid people are plotting against me. They have all gathered together out of fear that I am working against them, the paranoics are everywhere and they are watching me.- Archbishop Shaggy

Me? Paranoid? How could you say that?!! Do I really show it that much? Damn, now I don't know what to do with my hands. Stop looking at me!!!- cessna

Good Answer AwardI certainly don't consider myself a paranoid person. However, my friends seem to. The whole 'every time you sneeze you lose brain cells' theory of mine seems to be getting on their nerves. They keep yelling at me when I try to compassionately collect their snot for later use. - SulkingforSewage

I would say I am moderately paranoid. I have this peculiar fear that something lives in my fridge at night, and if I open it, it will come flying out to devour me. However, I have never feared a terrorist attack or a renegade toaster oven. So I think I'm doing pretty good. - BongHitsforJesus

Sometimes because im a very scary person i dont know why but i feel that when people think that other people are so paranoid they start to wonder and to think if they know how stuck up they are being like so much like this- Tt

No. Because im plotting against the world- Faggot.

People are too stupid to plot against me- Orange

not paranoid. I live in a safe environment.- msgalaxy

somewhat... mostly it's when i'm home alone and trying to sleep- mrs. stout

I am a realistic paranoid. I do not fear the world domination of zombies, but I do fear nuclear fallout, which, in my opinion, is a fairly realistic worry.- rotten


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