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What other things should you be doing right now instead of answering this questionnaire?


Looking for a job, filing overdue tax forms, washing the dishes, cleaning up the place, mowing the lawn, enrolling in fall semester classes.- back hair guy

Working- Assface

stuff- whizzy

Good Answer Awardmasturbating and making sock monkeys.- iamzbob

Have you ever seen 12 Angry Men? I should be writing a 3-4 page paper on lessons I learned from it and how they can be applied to today. All I can think about is to not go on jury if the one dude is scary and there's no AC.- ox-tacular

Jerking off- Ram

any thing, every thing- fartface

Masterbaiting- Hutch

Cleaning up- Spoungeworthy

Good Answer AwardHonestly, I have nothing to do. I worked, came home, had a nap, ate dinner, and now I'm internetin' it up. I'm thinking about taking a shotgun to the TV now, though, since my mom has turned on Canadian Idol. Whyyyyy?? Ben Mulroney has been on my hitlist for some time now. I think I have to move him to the top, which means he has surpassed the makers of the Mini Wheats commercials.- McDiablo

Good Answer Awardnothing, I live for this survey.- iamzbob

Crappy art homework about drawing stupid bamboo sticks and then colouring it in black and white pencil which is wonderfully fun, (Not.) and tidying my room, and maybe playing Brawl but i cba soooooo oI'm on here on this random website I found and now I'm filling in a questionaire, and I feel like eating chocolate. - Chibi

picking up the pieces of my broken life. I am tremendously hungover (still. Yes I know its 21:10) and my house is a mess. I am better than this. Usually. No, really. - IchoseThis

Working.- G-Rod

Homework, searching for my know, the usual.- missidiot

Good Answer AwardI should be on the toilet taking a crap right now but I'm too lazy to get out of the chair. I'll probably get up before it's too late, I have pretty good sphincter control.- Pete the rat

Fixing the fence or smothering my little brother with the pillow that he sleeps on- Ishkabilly

Feeding my hostages.- Archbishop Shaggy

giving my wife a back rub- cessna

Good Answer AwardWell, in all reality, I should be bathing. I haven't taken a shower in three days now. But I find that the Insane Domain cleanses my mind and soul, and my dirt ridden body can just deal with it. - SulkingforSewage

Definitely breaking into someone's house. I'm so broke right now, the only thing that can cheer me up is the InsaneDomain. I suppose I could also be pawning off my pets or offering handjobs. Penises just freak me out. - BongHitsforJesus

doing my work and going at home to apoligize to my parents- Tt

Exercise. Cleaning out gerbils. Texting someone. Washing my hair. Being bored.- Faggot.

Sleeping- Orange

sleeping- msgalaxy

sleeping- mrs. stout

Laying down tile in my living room. Hoisting my boyfriend's ass off the couch so I can vacuum underneath the cushions. Finishing painting a blue accent wall. Interesting, I know.- rotten


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