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You're staying at a lake-side cottage and cops come to the door. They tell you that someone has gone missing and is assumed drowned - a search party is going around looking for it. If you happen to find it, they'd like you to call them. Do you rush out and try to find it for yourself (with a pointy stick in hand to jab at it with), watch the search from a distance, or run screaming from the town because you see dead people and don't need this sort of harassment on your vacation?


Good Answer AwardI'd be really worried that they thought I was a kidnapper and responsible for the missing person and they were just trying to trick me into confessing to the crime. I'm not a kidnapper, just really paranoid and insecure enough to think that even though I didn't do it they would be convinced I did when I am the one who finds the body. Especially if I find it under the dock that my boat is tied to. They would take me in to the station and beat a confession out of me even though I didn't do it and I'd get the gas chamber just for being a spineless paranoid guy with a hairy back. But there is no phone in my cottage and I couldn't call so I have an excuse to not join the search so I guess I'm safe. - back hair guy

I would try and help out.- Assface

circle the lake with a 6 pack and a stick- whizzy

i drowned the person....- sock doc

Trying to help is the best cover especially after you drown someone.- iamzbob

Good Answer Award"Assumed drowned..." such a funny phrase. What they don't know is that he's under the porch I just had laid. Bahaha- ox-tacular

what the search from a distance- Ram

watch tv- fartface

watch from a distance (while drinking my coffee)- clownassasin

Walk down to the lake, have a quick look, scratch my head, then go back inside and watch the search on the telly whilst enjoying a beer.- Spoungeworthy

I would wait until the media arrived. Once they have their cameras set up, I'd run behind a reporter, flash the "thumbs-up" sign and scream, "YEAHHH!" There's a moment when that happens in Transformers and it cracks me up every time. easily amused. - McDiablo

Ne ither. I go back to my blunt and watch futurama. - iamzbob


I offer my help, but am surprised when it's accepted.- IchoseThis

Yes.- G-Rod

Good Answer AwardThere isn't even a choice here. I'd run screaming from the town, not only because I see dead people, but also because I already know where the dead person is. How could I not? I killed them.- missidiot

Good Answer AwardI'd pack up and get out of town before they find the body and try to pin the murder on me. They are obvioiusly trying to implicate me by getting me to help, and therefore be present at the scene of the discovery, so they can say I knew were the body was because I'm the one who put it there. It's all part of the worldwide plot against me I tell you. Everyone is in on it, even the fuzz.- Pete the rat

Good Answer AwardFirst of all, I already know where the body is. after all i was the one who hid it. second of all, there are already traps in place for the fellow unlucky enough to get any where near it. and last i am on vacation, i just decided to come to this lake house to check up on one of my more "Unstable" projects. so i would sit back in my submarine watching them of course!- Ishkabilly

I would go and pretend to help, after having checked the missing persons chains to make sure they weren't getting out of my wine cellar.- Archbishop Shaggy

I'd join in the search for sure. - cessna

I'd do what any sane person would do: I would make some tea, read the paper, and go back to bed. (Not neccesarily in that order.) It is my vacation after all, and with my taste in resorts, this kind of thing would probably happen very often. We can't all go looking over every bloke that goes and get himself killed. It's called natural selection. Let Mother Nature do her work. So far, she hasn't killed off a single person that didn't deserve it. - SulkingforSewage

No if i did not do it then what is the catch for that was a very stupid question- Tt

Try and find it with a long stick, if i did find it jab it a bit then call the cops- Faggot.

Keep a shotgun loaded every night till I leave.- Orange

Watch from a distance.- msgalaxy

i would probably help. i've had a family member walk off in a river and drown...- mrs. stout

I'd probably start half-ass looking for it.- rotten


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