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What is THE plan for 2008 and does it involve shiny objects in any way? (Or sock monkeys?)

Good Answer AwardNo more shiny objects! If a girl needs that to pay attention to you she ain't worth the effort. She's just a money grubbing whore. No, the plan involves quantum effect particle entanglement communication systems to get stock quotes from the future and make millions in the hedge fund markets. - bury me in my own filth

Good Answer AwardI plan on flying in a big, shiny plane to Europe. If that plan actually goes through, you bet your ass I will be taking Emerald. You know how people steal lawn gnomes and take pictures with them in front of famous monuments throughout the world? I would so do that with Emerald. I'm sure she and I would have a grand time trekking all over the continent. - McDiablo

the plan, as always is complete world domination...only this year it will come via christmas tree decorations and screwdrivers...look out world!!!- sharioo's

Good Answer AwardTHE plan? That seems kind of there's only one plan for 2008 and it cannot be changed or altered in any way, shape or form, which worries me. I would make THE plan flexible enough so I could change my mind from time to time. THE plan does indeed involve shiny objects however. It involves getting piercings, because I'm a teenager and allowed to be stupid until I turn 18 and am officially an "adult". It also involves sock monkeys, as I will be rescuing several so they can go get pierced with me. As far as the rest of the plan, I'm sure this is the year JCP takes over the world so I imagine she'll figure out the rest.- Arisu

Unfortunately all my plans involve Sock Monkeys ....stupid Herbert- Poptart

send me something shiny- calamity

Good Answer AwardTHE plan for 2008 is to get of my ass and get away from the damn computer to do something productive with my life. There may have to be shiny objects involved to get me away since as you can see I'm still here, filling out this survey and checking out the lists and contemplating Peeps deaths. Damnit, I haven't once gone outside this year (scary and sad but true) and it's because I'm addicted to this site! Don't you offer some kind of pills or something to help me with my addiction??- narcoticsunshine

Well, my plan has gone to shit within the first 2 weeks of 2008 - the original one might have involved shiny objects. I am planning to formulate a new one. I will not involve sock monkeys except under duress.- Mzebonga

Yes, I will make a giant sock monkey statue out of shiny things. And it shall be called "The Shiny Statue!"- Streak9

Good Answer Awardno sock monkeys. (they have a restraining order....) but i do intend to gather tons of shiny things in my front yard to attract aliens. the stuff will be so shiny, it will reflect rays of shiny into space, where the unsuspecting aliens will loose all cable programing because of my engenious pile of shiny stuff.- bobthemouse09

I have no plan other than to make $$$$$.- JQ

To dance my way across sock monkey PJ's.- TheBubble

Good Answer Award2008: objective; insanity. Well since last year's plan failed entirely (they wouldn't let me be a live sculpture in the art museum) I could try that again. Or I could try and start my dream career as the amazing poet who writes of nothing but chairs or I could create my next door neighbor's video diary for her (as long as she doesn’t file a restraining order) or I could satisfy that annoying need for a full wardrobe of edible clothes. I am not really sure of a solid “plan” for this year but I know that as long I plan for these outlandishly obnoxious goals that if I don't make these objectives I know that the trying to get there will be just as entertaining as reaching my goals. Plus I might create the largest monument to all the sock monkeys in the world ; ) - If I only had a navel....

Well, thus far, 2008 has hated me and made it pretty well know. Therefore, the plan is to make 2008 last only 36.5 days (10% of a normal year) and I will therefore end it at lunchtime on 6th February.- Mzebonga


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