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Were you disgusted, offended or mildly turned on by the above question in any way

Good Answer AwardI guess I was a little turned on as you could tell from my reply. I was offended that you suggested that this would happen to me and a little disgusted but not enough to deter me from enjoying planning my revenge.- bury me in my own filth

I think my previous answer gives away how I felt toward it. I really don't have any weird fetishes involving shit or pee. I definitely wasn't offended because, well, I tend not to be offended by things. I do get grossed out, though. It happens. But then I get distracted by Facebook or Playstation 3 (aka: SexyStation) and all is well again.- McDiablo

all of the above actually but what can I say I'm a complicated girl. - Arisu made me wish that fucker did drip shit and piss on me just to have an excuse to hunt him down and make Santa's death seem tame compared to William Wallace's - Poptart

no- calamity

Good Answer AwardActually, it didn't really effect me at all... Oh my God, what is this world coming to? I have been so descensitized by the disgusting things of every day life that the thought of Santa pissing and shiting on my face doesn't bother me! I think I need a moment to myself to watch My Little Pony and come back to my senses. Where are my Barbies? Don't I have any that still have their heads?- narcoticsunshine

Not really. Fecal matter and Santa is just one kink too far in my book.

Simply put: All of the above.- Streak9

no. i was mildly confused that you knew what santa brought me this year though. how do you people do that?!?!?!!?- bobthemouse09

Fuck no.- JQ

No offence, but even if santa pissed gold and shit pearls, it doesn't belong in my face. No water works for me, no scat play for this bubble...that's disgusting.- TheBubble

Good Answer AwardI was pushed to a delusional fit because I was thought it was Christmas and had to go outside and scream until my neighbor had to come outside and tell me to shut the hell up and inform me that it was still January and Christmas was 11 months away. I promptly went back inside and to calm my raging soul I burnt the box of Christmas decorations that my roommate keeps. Shame on you for scaring me like that :( P.S. My roommate, who misses her ornaments and tree, says shame on you too, but a fake tree and colorful lights are fun to watch burn, it’s a pretty flame! - If I only had a navel....

Yes.- Mzebonga

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