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Are you a coffee or a tea person and would you be willing to fight in the Great Caffeine War to defend its honour?

Good Answer AwardI drink coffee like a sailor on shore leave, if coffee were whisky that is. Although I love coffee I am a coward about fighting so I would have to join the coffee underground and wage a sabotage campaign against the evil soft drink purveyors. After confirming other members identity with the password "Juan Valdez rides a burrow." we would sneak into the Coca Cola bottling plant parking lot and pump concrete mix into the truck tires. They would get poor gas milage and the company would go out of business. Yeeehaa, that'll show those fat bastards who's boss. - bury me in my own filth

Good Answer AwardI prefer iced coffee. Or iced tea. Sensing a trend? You are. I don't like hot drinks. I'll go to a Starbucks while it's snowing and order a grande peppermint mocha frappuccino. One time, a snobby chick at Sbux totally mumbled something about it snowing outside, but I ignored that bitch and happily drank the magical mintyness. I'm not sure if caffeine needs its honour defended, but if it ever does, I do know a couple of caffeine addicts that would willingly volunteer for the cause. However, should tensions between Coca Cola and Pepsi boil over, I will be there on the front lines kicking ass for Coke!...not that kind of coke. Yeah.- McDiablo

I am a coffee person for no other reason than by my father telling my mother that it was perfectly okay for a child of 7 to drink coffee, though already extremely hyperactive. I am now sadly a slave of coffee and it's wonderful partner in crime and addiction, caffeine. As a result of this slavery I suppose I would be obligated to fight in the Great Caffeine War.- Arisu

I'm most definitely a coffee person but will I fight? Absolutely not...honor is overrated. - Poptart

absolutely- calamity

Good Answer AwardI am neither a coffee nor a tea person, however, I would be willing to fight in the Great Caffeine war to defend the honour of caffeine in general. Without caffeine, where would the world be?? Starbucks would go out of business! Business people across the world would be much crabbier and suffer severe withdrawals and would most likely take it out on the little people. The little people would get sick of being treated worse than normal and would stage a rebellion that would throw the world off it's axis, causing us to float about in space before colliding with the sun and burning in a fiery ball of fire. I for one don't want to see the little people get credit for this grand plan, and therefore I will defend caffeine until such time that I myself can throw the world off its axis and cause its fiery demise.- narcoticsunshine

I am a tea person. And I mean proper tea. I mean loose tea leaves, tea pots, strainers etc...- Mzebonga

Meh, now, see, being not a coffee and tea person, you'd think I'd be on the opposite side, wouldn't you? Now, I may end up on that side, but, of course, it really all depends on which side has the bigger guns.- Streak9

Good Answer Awardim not much into coffe and tea, not after the incident with that horrible leapercaun any way... but i do however consume great quantities of caffine in energy drinks, so i would deffinatly fight in the war. armed with nothing but a loincloth and a blunt stick, i would to my best to ensure caffine lives on in the minds and boddies of a.d.h.d. children everywhere! - bobthemouse09

Tea and yes.- JQ

I am a tea person. All the way. Any flavor. No sugar, preferable. But defend its honour in a Caffeine War? Sadly no. Black coffee gets me zoinked. But I shall never defend the black! O wait, does that sound racist?- TheBubble

Good Answer AwardBoth. I need them both. Seriously. Coffee keeps me going and tea calms me down. Their like legalized acid and alcohol so if any health crazed asshole who needs to mind their own god damn business and stop trying to control mine tries to take them from me I will not be responsible for my depravity induced killing craze. I am one serious woman when it comes to my tea and coffee so yeah war seems like fun. Until I got bored and decided that making a new strain of killer butterflies to do my dirty work would be easier then fighting the health nuts myself.- If I only had a navel....

Let's face it, the Great Caffeine War is just a propaganda campaign dreamt up by the American super elite to keep us acting as compliant consumers to Starbucks, Tim Horton's and Costa Coffee.- Mzebonga


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