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Why do YOU think the cat came back the very next day and did you think it was a goner?

What cat are you talking about? The one I got rid of couldn't possibly have gotten out of that sack full of rocks at the bottom of the Hudson river.- bury me in my own filth

Holy crap, didn't Fred Penner sing a song about this? Fred Penner was awesome. I'd watch his TV show and everytime he crawled out of the log at the start of the show, I'd always wonder, 'What's on the other side?' Anyway, I'm not sure where the cat went, but as long as it came back, I'd be happy. Our cat stays in one place (inside) because I know I'd be worried sick if she was out in the big, bad (racoon filled) world.- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardI'm not sure of which cat you speak but I'll pretend I do anyway. I think, the cat came back because he found his hat from the fat bat that was laying on the mat. Ohk so I'm no Doctor Seuss. I did indeed think he was a goner though, hence all my free time to make up mindless rhymes that suck. That, in actuality is why the cat came back. He wanted to save everybody from my attempt at becoming the next Dr. Seuss.- Arisu

The cat came back because it's a little lazy fuck and wanted me to feed it.- Poptart

it didn't come back, it is a goner- calamity

Good Answer AwardThe cat came back because they're smart little buggers who don't know when they're not wanted. Seriously, I've never met a cat who understood that, no, I don't want you to make your bed in my lap right now. Where were two hours ago when I was snuggled up in my bed? You would have been more than welcome then, but were you there? No! Now that I don't want you, you're here purring and rubbing. GO THE FUCK AWAY!! And no, I didn't think it was a goner. I know better than to get my hopes up. The damn things have nine lives for crying out loud.- narcoticsunshine

Cats are never goners. They live on regardless of human intervention.- Mzebonga

Well, the cat probably realized that cat food was much better than garbage. And as to why I thought it was a goner..? Well, there are a lot of hungry hobos out there.- Streak9

of course i thought it was a goner! it left! we had 4 litters! he left me, and for that he was a gonner in my eyes! of course things began to make more sense when i realized he had only gone to the store for a pint of milk. things are better now and we are expecting another litter.- bobthemouse09

Because it was hungry.- JQ

It was hungry. All animals are lead by their stomachs, tis simple. And no, I didn't think it was a goner, only hoped. Cats stink and puke fur. Disgusting.- TheBubble

Well the cat came back because it realized that it was so damn ugly and annoying that the only loser that would feed it was me, so it came crawling back. And nope, I knew it would be back that is why I chose that cat from the shelter because I knew that no one would ever steal it from me and no one would ever want it so it would always come back. It's good to not set your expectations high and not want any thing to extravagant even in your choice of pets. Sets you up for a lot less of that shit people call rejection and misery.- If I only had a navel....

Good Answer AwardThe cat came back to exact its unholy revenge.- Mzebonga


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