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Do you think the weather is plotting against you and your kind in any way, and if so,
what proof do you have of this and are you keeping a journal of your findings/thoughts?

Good Answer AwardNo, no journal...but the weather must be holding a grudge or something because it decided to rain hail beads the size of gold balls and broke two of my windows. Then to spite me, it laid off a bit by just pouring rain instead of hailing. My car is ruined...just one example of the weather's sick fetish of ruining peoples lives. O it's the root of all evil.- TheBubble

Good Answer AwardYeah..I'm a pilot and I watch the weather very carefully. It sucks pond water through a leaky straw! I live in New England, thus named because it adds a new twist to the sucky weather in Old England! If I want to fly a kite, there is no wind. If I want to throw a boomerang, presto! a lot of wind. If I plan a cross-country flight, you can bet the weather will make it questionable. You really hit a raw nerve with this question!- Cessna

Weather killed disco. In my opinion this makes weather a saint. Saints plot on a good book. My world is a book. I think so!!!- Monk

Good Answer AwardI heard the wind talking to the rain the other day. I just knew they were talking about me because I heard them laughing and calling me a fool for listening to my cat about the stock market. I mean, If Purina is such a good manufacturer of fine pet foods why wouldn't it be a good investment? Mr Kitty said " just put in your retirement savings, trust me." So I did, I'm down twenty percent so far but I trust Mr kitty, everything will be fine. I don't care what the rain says, the snow can kiss my ass, and If I see the frost again he better stay outta my way.- MANFRED

Good Answer AwardFor some odd reason that makes me picture clouds with evil looks on their faces happily raining down on me. Actually, I like the rain. I really prefer heavy, loud, dangerous sounding thunderstorms though, which is of course not happening. So I think the weather is plotting against me, to drive me crazy by making it annoyingly shiny all day and than teasing me with clouds and not raining. I don't have proof as such...maybe if I videotape the next day I go outside into the insane wind that is common to my lovely state, and it completely ruins my hair (which is difficult to make look halfway decent in the first place), I will have some form of proof. As for journals...I don't need people reading my private innermost thoughts so I don't keep them.- Arisu

uh....- wykydjuggalo

i live in Kansas... it was balmy weather on saturday. on sunday we were in a blizzard. enough said!- Ishkabilly

no i dont but leming they are plotting against me and soly me and every time i write down any note about it they take them and hide them from me so i gotta re-write them, they even took my note book- Insaneone

journal...ask jcp she does that.... the snow yes - I have proof check the weather network for Muskoka, Ontario... oh and my 80 plus year old neighbour reminds me, he does my driveway and then gives me grief... I have 4x4 like I fuckin care!~- ver

No Comment?!?- iamzbob

what thoughts - Dippy

Put it this way: Two weeks ago, I walked to and from school. It was a horrible walk. There was slushy snow on the ground, huge puddles, and idiots driving too fast down the road and into said puddles (yes, I was splashed with slushy, muddy water and had to turn around and change my pants at home). Last week, it was miserable and rainy on my walk to and from school, but it was better than having wet feet from melting snow. Now, today, it was sunny and bright and beautiful. The ground was still damp from previous rainfalls, but there was no mud to be seen. My conclusion? The weather isn't plotting against me, it's just really fucked up.- McDiablo

No. But I do keep a journal of how low my lake has gone down since they let people water ferns indiscriminately, and have won a lawsuit over it!!!- esp

Good Answer AwardYES holy SHIT I was JUST thinking this LAST NIGHT. It's not so much the weather as it is the weathermen who are all liars and in cahoots with the the weather itself. It's entirely true. We were supposed to have snow and ice and other frozen precipition (frozen precip = cruel joke) and I almost didn't get to go over to my boyfriend's house. However, I sensed the lyingness of the weather and weathermen and went anyway, and lo and behold it was perfect weather all day, except it was stupidly cold. If that's not proof for weather attempting to plot against me I don't know what is.- oxie-licious

Good Answer AwardI don't log the weather in my journal, just the constant attempts by the government to kidnap me by sending agents disguised as bluejays to follow me and call out my position when I go outside. The weather was ignored me since september 2002 when a freak thunderstorm left me stranded on an island off the coast of Maine( well not really stranded, I was paddling there to camp anyway) overnight until the weather cleared. I went on to another island in the morning acting as if the storm hadn't really bothered me and after that the weather just gave up on trying to annoy me.- asswipe with sandpaper

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