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EVERYONE loves pizza. What toppings do you LOVE and which do you HATE?
Also, have you ever puked up pizza?

Good Answer AwardEr, I can only eat pizza with a ranch sauce instead of marinara. Or else then yes, I'll puke up red pizza. And it's disgusting...looks just like it did when I ate it. Fleh. My fav toppings are mushrooms and olives. I hate bell pepper and pepperoni. And remember: Red Sauce = Icky Puked up rotten tomato sauce!- TheBubble

Love: Artichoke, Olive, spinach, anchovie, fetta, peppers, mushrooms, onion, and sausage. Hate: pineapple, hamburg Never puked pizza. I can eat a whole large pie, and I weigh 150 pounds.- Cessna

Today pizza loves everyone. Pizza likes Mike Piazza. Mike Piazza hates salad. Pizza throws up Mike Piazza flavored pizza.- Monk

My favorite toppings are mushrooms, feta cheese, sausage, brocolli, and onions. I hate pineapple and ham, that combination belongs in fried rice, not on a pizza!- MANFRED

Good Answer AwardI love how you assume that everyone loves pizza. I thought here at the insane domain we realized that nobody was the same? Well...I'm one of those odd people that doesn't LOVE pizza. I merely enjoy it. I have to say though that my absolute favorite pizza is canadian bacon and pineapple. I know I'm odd. I don't think I've ever puked up pizza...but sadly I know a couple of people who have.- Arisu

i like most toppings, other that fucking sun dried tomotoes- wykydjuggalo

B.B.Q.!!!- Ishkabilly

toppings i like, peperioni, ham, bacon, toping i dont like, everything but the formentioned liked tioppings, and no ive never puked up pizza- Insaneone

anybody who drinks has puked up pizza at some point. If they say they have not then they drink like one cooler a night and they should join some pathetic church.. the weak need the weak. I like pepperoni ...everything else does not matter...- ver

I love all meat pizzas, I hate pineapple.- Adam


Mushrooom I hate pepperoni - Dippy

Good Answer AwardI have puked up lots of things and I am sure I have puked up a pizza. In fact, I have puked up food that ended up looking like a pizza. sure did look like one...floating in the toilet bowl. Gross. When it comes to pizza toppings, I'm game for anything (but not olives or anchovies). My favourite pizza at Boston Pizza is the Bacon Double Cheeseburger, followed by the Perogi Pizza, and the Chicken Club Pizza...I tried the Szechwan Pizza the other day, it was quite good. Damn, this all this talk about pizza is making me CRAVE pizza. That was your intent to begin with, wasn't it? You're EVIL!- McDiablo

Yes to number two, I have been pregnant 13 times. I hate the round little hard pebble like things (dog food??) some call sausage, and detest anchovies. Everything else if great. I like Turkish pizza the best. If you wanna know, you have to ask.- esp

Good Answer AwardI crave Frog legs, onions, cranberries, avocadoes, paper, deisel fuel, mushrooms, and cat hair. What I can't stand on my pizza is those little tags on the end of the bread wrapper bags.- asswipe with sandpaper

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