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Do you miss the insane questions and answers and do you think they should be brought back
to help you with all of your everyday problems and life crises?

Good Answer AwardYES. I do infact miss the insane questions as it was the whole reason I started this site and the whole reason I come back. When something pops into my head that I can't solve where better to come, but now I've since had to rely on other sources leaving my life just one big bowl of jello on a boat deck! O must they stay gone?- TheBubble

Yes, I miss insane questions and answers. - Cessna

I know what I like and I like Fritos brand corn yes.- Monk

Good Answer AwardI have found the insane Q and A to be very helpful in my life. Please bring it back. Although I have only used it once it is still very important to me. Just make some rules and keep those idiots who post stupid little unimportant comments off it.- MANFRED

Good Answer AwardYES! I do so much. I leave for a few months, ohk longer than a few months and I come back and what do I find? No more insane questions and answers! Just when I had returned with some decent ones too! Ironically however I've run out of everyday problems and life crises...or at least run out of idealism and turned to nihilism. - Arisu

sure- wykydjuggalo

^_^ can i answer if i come back to TID insane talk? please! il will buy JCP a new whip!- Ishkabilly

Good Answer Awardyes i finally came back the TID, althou no one will remember who i am i still need to ask JCP to forgive me for not sending her those seamonkeys and continueing our pillow case monkey idea.- Insaneone

there was questions? I thought this was new?- ver

Aren't most questions asked with a certain level of insanity. Ask away.- iamzbob

Good Answer AwardWell, now that they're back, my opinion won't really matter, will it? Or maybe it will. I doubt it, though, because what Czar JCP says and does pretty much goes. Well, I did miss the Insane Q&A. It is yet another way for me to allow randomness to leave my system, and that's always a good thing.- McDiablo

I'm a newbie, so I don't miss a thing!!!!- esp

I didn;t notice they were gone. But hey what about the insane talk page. why can't I get in there without a password. I tried to sign up but when I replied I don't agree to the terms I wasn't let in. I mean if you don't want me to be abusive and profane then what are you doing here anyway?- asswipe with sandpaper

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