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Someone calls you up and says they've got some DIRTY WORK for you to do.
Do you get giddy and rush on over, or get grossed out and tell them to find some other sucker

Good Answer AwardGiddy and rush on over for sure. The best kind of work is dirty work, anything clean is boring and unsatisfying.- TheBubble

get giddy and rush on over- Jess

I work in a Sewage Treatment Plant. I don't get giddy about having to go to work every day. Sometimes I feel like a sucker, yes. (Especially a cute one!)- Cessna

Good Answer AwardI would become extremely paranoid wandering how someone called me on a phone that never existed. I would possibly *69 on the non-existent phone and ask for Todd. Todd knows all about phones/dirty work. The other sucker would have to be a strawberry since I hate grape.- Monk

I'd say of course I like dirty work. I'll just call in sick today to my job at the wastewater treatment plant. I can go back when this is done and get to work with the sewage anytime.- MANFRED

Good Answer AwardDirty eh? There's several ways I could take that. I could be a pervert and get all dressed up in leather, bring my handcuffs and various toys over to the person's house, giddy of course, and than ask them where to start. I could also be completely angelic and ask innocently what kind of work they are referring to...and naturally it probably will be sexual anyway so I will revert to plan A. - Arisu

i get all giddy and bubbly- wykydjuggalo

i reply with a question of my own. What's her name? and how old is she?- Ishkabilly

i get dressed up in my faviourte bloody shirt with barney on it and rush over to their house with 6 guns 2 rolls of toilet paper and a bag full of shit to lite and run, i then ask what the job is, and kick them in the face while they tell me and say "HAHA GOTCHA"- Insaneone

dirty eh? how dirty heheh... oo I like it dirty..- ver

rush over- Adam

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap!!!!! I would have to say excited until I know more.- iamzbob

I tell them I am not able to help I am busy Hiding bodies in basement - Dippy

Good Answer AwardI put on my dominatrix gear, grab my whip, handcuffs and chains and make my way over. Upon realizing that the DIRTY WORK is just cleaning some idiot's septic tank, I whip that "someone's" ass angrily and head on home.- McDiablo

YES.- esp

I ask how much they will pay. If its more than 23 dollars (american) then I'll do it.- asswipe with sandpaper

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