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While you're out walking, aliens pull up and ask you to get inside their ship, which is cleverly shaped like a car. They say you can't tell anyone where you're going or anything, just to get in and trust them.
Do you do what they say or run screaming to the nearest house for help or something else?

Well, let me think about this a moment. If I ran screaming to tell someone of what just happened, I'd say I have a 99% chance people are only going to think I'm insane. So, I'd probably go.- TheBubble

do what they say- Jess

Good Answer AwardI think I'd do as they say. I mean, c'mon, how many opportunities could I possibly have to chill with E.T.? Perhaps they could let me in on some technological marvel or cosmic reality or something and I could become rich!! Then I could spend my time flying instead of being a turd herder (see question above).- Cessna

Everyone knows that all aliens are Jesus so I would definitely trust myself to carjack the car-shaped ship and fly to Columbia and do lots of coke with Judas.- Monk

Good Answer AwardWho would I tell? Everyone thinks I am an idiot already. I'd just hop on in like I have before. Hell, I was starting to like those anal probes anyway. - MANFRED

Good Answer AwardI live in Texas and I'm probably one of the few smart people here, and because I'm ashamed of the fact that the people from my state are complete and utter morons and do not wish for the aliens to meet any other people from Texas, I would say yes. See how nice I am? Not only am I saving aliens from having to meet, god forbid, a redneck from here, but I am saving the entire planet. For you see, if aliens did meet a redneck they would surely believe Earth is a lost cause and kill us all!- Arisu

i get in- wykydjuggalo

Good Answer Awardbout that time that i tell them to wait a second. "nature is calling" and i go inside and downstairs to my secret lab. there i hop in my own flying saucer that i have been using to terrorize individuals for years and years, and abduct the car and the passengers.- Ishkabilly

i go with them, and clevery use reverse psycology on them to get them to make me a BLT and their surpreme leader, and we give everyone on earth BLT's and everyone live happily ever after except the people who choked on their BLT's- Insaneone

umm depends on the shape of the car. Did it look like a jeep?- ver

The first one- Adam

Since I think Asians and latinas are hot, I would have to get in the car of aliens.- iamzbob

ask them if they got beer I jump in if they do . - Dippy

Good Answer AwardAre the aliens also in disguise? If not, what's the point of disguising their space ship? I find that to be a rather silly strategy on their part. Anyway, I wouldn't get into their ship anyway. Ever since I was little it has been beaten into me "not to talk to strangers." I mean, they sang songs about that on Sesame Street and everything. I can't go against the word of Big Bird!- McDiablo

Something else.- esp

Depends entirely on the candy they're offering- oxie-licious

Me? Out walking? In this fucking cold? Yeah right...- water bottle

I'd get in their car then fart intil they can't stand it anymore and tel me to get out. If they don't mind the smell then I tell them I have forgotten that I have an appointment with the horticulturalist to get my fern trimmed and I need to get out. - asswipe with sandpaper

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