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What if Tyler Durden came to your door and challenged you to a fight?



I'd ask him who the hell he is and call the cops. If the cops didn't get there quick enough I'd have to shoot him.- pickernose

Good Answer AwardWell, first of all, I wouldn't talk about Fight Club. Second of all, I wouldn't talk about fight club.- pickernose

I'd stab that fucker and tell him to get his own reality. - sarcopenia

who?- yay me!

who the hell is that? And anyone who challenges the wonka will get smashed because you don't know who you sassing man.You think you can knock out this pale faced , eccentric , chocolate making fanatic? Where you gonna get those awesome chocloate power bars from honey?!- wonka

Good Answer AwardI'd KNOW I was crazy because **SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT** Tyler Durden is just a figment of someone's imagination--not MY imagination. Brad Pitt isn't even a figment of my imagination. I KNOW. So, if Tyler Durden came to my door, I'd morph him into a figment of my own imagination. He'd become Dexter Morgan and, instead of fight, we'd make out. Oh yeah...- McDiablo

I would shut the door on him like everyone else who comes to my door.- quelthasas

That's what the sledgehammer I keep in my garage is for. I named her the Tyler Smasher.- Anon

Kill it with fire!- Streak9

I'd politely inform him that he didn't exist and poke him in the eye.- Mzebonga

who the heck is that?he'd die.cause i rape. and i rape good.3 simple rules honey. strip , screw , salute. this only applies for those with a big you-know-what-i-mean. - discovering the gayness within

I'd laugh before I used my shotgun!- papabug

I would sack his ass because he's a douche bag. I was watching Fight Club yesterday, Brad Pitt is a total douche bag.- Thrash

Good Answer AwardI'd shank his ass with a candycane. - Alyra

FIGHT?omg!YES! let's go high school musical style. I'll be zac affron. Will he be my vanessa hudgens?- santa my ass

I'd shoot him- donnyg

Good Answer AwardI'd say OKAY FUCKER LETS DO THIS THING and then run away screaming. Damn he's sexy but fuck he's insane.- cold hearted BITCH

That'd be a neat trick since he's dead.- Smee

I'd kick his ass and tell him to get off my property, then I'd invite him in for a drink.- Hal Apeno


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