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What is something you'd NEVER have pierced and why not?


Everything. I don't do intentional injuries to myself. My body is a temple, no tatoos, piercings, or modifications. Just accidental scars and chemical adulterations. - pickernose

My clitoris. I need it for urination and sexual pleasure. - sarcopenia

my tongue. i couldnt live with a lisp!- yay me!

well.I think it'd be my nipple.It'd be excruciating.And besides, how would you enjoy the pleasure of someone sucking your tits when it's covered in metal?- wonka

Probably one of those random facial piercings. Like, what makes one think, "I really want to pierce my cheek"? I couldn't do it. Futhermore, had I done it, I'd have to cover it up for sporting events. Then I'd have this band-aid on my face and I'd look as douche-y as Nelly. "Andele andele mami, E.I. E.I. Uh-ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"- McDiablo

I would never have my hamster's peirced. I think that would be more like stabbing them with a spear than giving them additional fashion options.- quelthasas

The answer is very simple as you can imagine (Oh, yes, THAT.) and there are many very convincing reasons why not to do it.- Anon

Good Answer AwardMy pinkie finger, because it would hurt like hell and be totally pointless.- Streak9

My sternum.- Mzebonga

mmm...well.uh..i guess it'd be my toes.I can't fit into socks anymore.depressing. And i won't be able to wear my nice Adidas shoes. I won't even be able to do commercials!my feet will be too ugly. there'll go my dream of being a leg waxing model. - discovering the gayness within

Good Answer AwardMy penis. Because IT is supposed to do "the piercing!"- papabug

I don't pierce, unless I'm a pirate. That's a sweet name, Pierce.- Thrash

Good Answer AwardI could go with the obvious and say clit, nipples, brain, but I'll just go with uvula because I don't feel like puking upon some unexpecting piercer, though that would totally be youtube worthy.- Alyra

Good Answer Awardi'd never pierce my nose.Think i look too much like a bull already.i don't want them hinddus worshiping my pee and rubbing my shit on their faces!?- santa my ass

My nipples cause that would hurt very bad- donnyg

Good Answer AwardMy ass. The hole there is enough for me.- cold hearted BITCH

probably my nose. Its big already, please do not draw attention to it.- Smee

My ass cheaks. Because I still need to poo...- Hal Apeno


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