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What if someone drugged you, and when you woke up, you discovered you were the prize in a giant Kinder Egg?


I'd start to assemble myself and then break out by eating a hole in the chocolate shell.- pickernose

That would rule, as long as I wanted a puzzle prize. No one wants to open up their Kinder Surprise to find a puzzle! That's the shittiest prize ever. Kinder broke my heart way back when I was a little kinder, with their German puzzles!- pickernose

I'd start collecting my pee in a cup, then splash it in the face of the fucker eating the egg. - sarcopenia

im so awesome im a prize? ohhhh yeah!- yay me!

ouuu,This is a great opportunity to RAPE!Someone opens the kinder egg, then you spring out , shout surprise and rape rape rape. Clean up after you're done and wait again to be repackaged.- wonka

I'd eat my way out of the egg and go on an epic quest in search of Rick Moranis. He is, after all, the only one who can get me back to my normal size. "Honey...I shrunk the kids." *FAINT*- McDiablo

Good Answer AwardI would wonder if I was very small or in a world that was very big. Then I would try to break out and rally my prize brothers to battle. We'll give those egg cracking basters a real suprise.- quelthasas

Good Answer AwardI would eat my way out and they would say hello to Mr. Naked-Man-Covered-in-Chocolate. - Anon

Well, when somebody's parents gives it to their kid, I'm sure they'll be surprised to find a slighty-crazy dude inside, but after that, I'll cross the border to Mexico and put myself in a giant fajita.- Streak9

It's better than working for a living.- Mzebonga

Good Answer Awardohhhhhh!awesome!why would someone do that?how horrid. WAIT!i get it!I must be some kind of Christmas present!everyone wants me! i know! no wonder the guy drugging me was having such a long white beard!I was afraid it might be moses!- discovering the gayness within

I'd hope that some fatass bitch wouldn't sit on me!- papabug

If someone Kinder egged me, I would kinder egg their face.- Thrash

Good Answer AwardI'd first wonder who is psychotic enough to want ME for a prize. Seriously..some poor kid is going to wake up on christmas, find me in a giant egg under their tree and wish they'd been born into a different family. I know if I walked out on Christmas day to see a blond, pale, pierced and angry gothic girl under my tree I would...well I would ask my parents why they didn't get me a blond, pale, pierced and angry gothic asian but that's just me =/. Hopefully that poor child won't ask the same thing of his parents.- Alyra

kinder egg....YAY.that's filled with chocolate no?Or if not, i am protesting!!!!KINDER EGGS WITH NO CHOCOLATE >=( PROTEST PROTEST!!!fight for the right of weight gaining chocolateS!- santa my ass

That would suck- donnyg

Good Answer AwardI'd piss a little in the egg and then get all grossed out. I'd bust through the egg and scare the shit out of the spoiled brat who got it as a present and he/she would piss their pants too. Kinder surprises always end up with piss in the egg somehow. It's the only thing making easter worth attending anymore.- cold hearted BITCH

Um, i'd probably not be able to do much... since i was in a giant kinder egg...- Smee

I'd break out and eat the chocolate, even though it doesn't taste that good.- Hal Apeno


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