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Do you have any plans for the holiday season, other than sitting at home alone in the dark and drinking ?



Of course not,what else would I do?- pickernose

Good Answer AwardI plan on booby trapping my house, Home Alone 2 style, to scare off those god-awful carolers and not to mention my little cousins who will be tearing around my house with their newfangled electrimacal toys on Boxing Day. This is bound to be a Christmas they won't forget.- pickernose

Chasing baboons, emancipating ferrets and chiming in with the occasional satanic choir. - sarcopenia

Shopping! Watching movies! Sleeping! - yay me!

Good Answer Awardmm..well i'm currently on duty to keep watch on..Myself.I recently got checked into some room with a padded interior and had me wear this awesome jacket that makes my hands feel like it's being's really comfortable to sleep in.And for some unknown reason, probably thinking it funny, they handed me a lappie with free internet service.Keep it to yourself, but i think this is heaven.- wonka

I had this elaborate plan to kidnap Santa and force him to make all my gifts by hand to see how HE likes it (poor elves). I figured it would save me some money. Unfortunately, I had to scrap those plans; I'm going to Vancouver Island instead. - McDiablo

Yes, I hope to go see my dorm-mates down in southern California or at least hit up In'N'Out.- quelthasas

Yes, I am going to replace every single present on the entire planet with a wallet made out of tape made by my children slaves.- Anon

Good Answer AwardI don't really see what's wrong with sitting at home in the dark and drinking. I mean, what if you don't have any fire-logs, or you are forced to have sudden, inexplicable rolling blackouts and you want to drink all your beer/liquor etc. before it gets warm? I mean, it would really suck to not have your nice old Christmas tree all lit up because some other idiot who was drinking in the dark suddenly decided to tight-walk on some power lines, but still. But, yeah, to answer your original question, I have nothing else to do than sitting in the dark and drinking.- Streak9

The doctor says I'm not allowed to drink so I was thinking that I might set myself on fire and run down the street. That should mean that I don't have to look forward to the impending disappointment of 2009.- Mzebonga

Good Answer Awardhell yes! sitting by the roadside drinking and getting wasted. After that, i shall hook up , have a one night stand , pretend i'm looking for a job to my mum , lie to my boyfriend about the one night stand , try to rob the bank with some clowns , hunt for leprechauns and finally , catch that damn unicorn that has been on the lose!Who knows what it can do to mankind?- discovering the gayness within

Laying at home in the dark and making it with my wife, but she always plans that on different days than I do. - papabug

No. Maybe xbox.- Thrash

Good Answer AwardMy plans are to bludgeon anyone and everyone who ask me that question and who wish me a merry christmas, other than the lovely people at the insane domain. Though I doubt any of you would be mentally incapacitated enough to wish me a merry anything. Also, anybody that asks me "what's new" or "what did you do for the holidays/how were your holidays?" all die a slow and terrible death at the hands of an insane blond girl. (Aka me)- Alyra

YES!DRUNK, pass out ,shag , get into juvi , rob an old lady , throw a stone at the damn annoying plane that keeps showing the 'quit smoking' ads , laugh at the hobo across the street ,eat some wheat grass , adopt myself a kid , constipate , get some medicine to prevent me constipating further , buy 10000 bananas just for fun , throw bananas at the neighbors and blame it on the recent monkey attacks, finally try killing myself.( how emo) and uh live?- santa my ass

Yes. Sitting at my inlaws stoned and drunk- donnyg

Good Answer AwardFuck no. Being in the dark and drinking are always my plans. In fact, I'm doing it now. Only I'm not lonely because I have family members here pissing me off. At least they brought drinks though. If they brought cash and then fucked off then that'd be even better. Then I could drink more and be alone. - cold hearted BITCH

Not really... probably yelling at my cousins for being douchebags.- Smee

Sitting at my sisters drinking with the baby.- Hal Apeno


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