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If you were to burst into song right now, is there anyone that would hear you, and more importantly, would they join in?

Pass- pickernose

If I did, I would probably break out into the song La Vie Boheme from Rent. I imagine it would wake up my family and I doubt they'd jump on the tables and break out into the song with me. They'd actually probably take me to get an HIV test instead.- pickernose

They wouldn't join in. My mum is cleaning. Carrot juicer.- sarcopenia

My bf. Totally!- yay me!

Good Answer AwardNo one would hear me. My parents are old, so don't blame them for their deafness. My dog is out cold, (shouldn't have fed him that beer in mid afternoon) , the ghost in my house seems to be the only one that will join me. Owh wells.Dead people sing the best after all.- wonka

Good Answer AwardI have a Nine Inch Nails song in my head. I just went to their concert. My brother is in the next room. He went to the concert, too. I doubt he'd join in, but I know he'd look at me weird as I recite this whispered part of the song, which goes, "WeWouldNeverTellYouAnythingThatWasn'tAbsolutelyTrueThatHadn'tComeRightFromHisMouthAndHeWasMadeToTellYou."- McDiablo

Yeah, and yes she would absolutely burst into song. I could stop and walk out and she would keep on singing.- quelthasas

Well, the last time I tried to sing, I ended up running through the woods naked and being chased by a redneck with a shotgun, so, no I doubt they would join in.- Anon

First, I would like to point out that the song would most likely be "I Kissed a Girl," and it would most likely lead to a room full of people throwing beer bottles at me and me lying in a puddle of my own urine instead of people actually singing along.- Streak9

My neighbours may hear me but I doubt very much if they would join in. Mostly because I'd probably break into the rousing chorus of some obscure alternative rock song.- Mzebonga

Good Answer Awardhell yess!EVERYONE can hear the mighty goddess perfect voice in the crystal night sky! or perhaps not. if someone starts to insult me, i shall then eliminate them with my death ray vision ( being a goddess and all or maybe a superhero).so they can hear me sing and i won't feel a thing since they're all become ghost.- discovering the gayness within

If there were anyone to hear me, they'd at least appreciate it and listen. - papabug

Yes, yes.- Thrash

I burst into song about twenty minutes ago and nobody heard me, much less cared enough to join in. 'Twas a good song though, Everyday is Exactly the Same, so true and yet so disheartening.- Alyra

Sorry to disappoint but i am very VERY awesome at singing!So everyone in the whole damn world shall join forth in my lovely melody~! JOY TO THE WORLD LET ME RULE THE EARTH- santa my ass

No I'm going to the bathroom- donnyg

Good Answer AwardOh they'd hear me and yea they probably would join in because they have been drinking too. Okay well one of them would join in and the other would throw things at me until I shut the hell up. Which is probably best because I can't sing too well.- cold hearted BITCH

No.- Smee

Yes someone would hear me and I would sing "Its peanutbutter jelly time". Damn right they'd join in.- Hal Apeno


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