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If there was a show called "Squiggy & Kitty" about a dinosaur and his/her pet cat,
would you watch it and then buy all the merchandise sold with their faces on it?


Only if it was a weird Porn show on the playboy channel and the pet cat was just a euphamism for the neigbor's wife's vagina that she shamelesly exposes in every episode. - Stange odor t-shirt guy

i would watch it they are actually the anti-christ you must watch the anti-christ very closely.- JuggaloBob

Good Answer AwardWould I watch it? No. Would I run "CAUTION !! BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINATION ZONE!!" tape around the factory every single night it remains in production? You better believe it.- Rattlehead

Good Answer AwardThat all depends on how cool ir inane the toon is. If the dinosaur's name is kitty and the cat is squiggy the possibly.- iamzbob

I would only hope that the dinosaur ate the friggin cat. I would buy the cat doll and put it in a blender.- Cessna

Depends on which merchandise it had. I would buy some. Only if I liked the show enough.- kmizzz

no.- no named loser

no... - prisazzz

i would at least watch it once, to see the quality. i wouldn't buy any merchandise because that would just be worshipping false idols.- dogmanto

Good Answer AwardI would BECOME Squiggy and Kitty. - oxie--oxyface

Good Answer AwardNot unless it was a show about Lesbian Rollerderby teams and Squiggy & Kitty were their mascotts that got the crap beat out of them during halftime of every Roller Derby Match.

Good Answer AwardIt would be my ruin. I'd buy all the merchandise yes. Then, see, I'd have the biggest "Squiggy & Kitty" collection ever, and then people would come and interview me, and I'd realise my life was a waste, and the interviewers would ask me questions about "Squiggy & Kitty" and I wouldn't know ANY ANSWERS. Then they'd leave and I would be forced to eat a Kitty stuffed animal. - bottled dragons

I would watch it but i wouldn't buy the merchandise because everyone else would and i might lose myself in a crowd.- Quell

hell NO- frybrain

No. - p3n0rm0nst3r

id rather cornhole a greyhoud bus while giving a handjob to jon mccain- shwartzie





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